What Is A Rotisserie Burner Doing On My Grill?

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If after upgrading your outdoor gas grill someone asks: What is an infrared rotisserie burner doing on your propane BBQ? Tell them . . . Winning.

The addition of an infrared rotisserie burner to an existing PGS propane BBQ grill has become a popular trend that allows backyard chefs the ability to expand their menu repertoires vastly. The infrared elements are fired up by propane, but the technology converts it into a form of radiant heat. That science provides advanced cooking control and the ability to slow-cook choice cuts of beef, chickens, fruit, vegetables and other selections.

The rotisserie option on a propane BBQ functions as you might expect. It steadily rotates thick cuts of beef, whole chickens, fruits, veggies and others under intense radiant heat. Many grilling enthusiasts further enhance their control by strategically installing a grill timer to shut the system down and avoid overcooking. The use of a grill timer with an outdoor gas grill also gives home cooks a safety failsafe and peace of mind.

Does Adding An Infrared Rotisserie Burner Makes Sense?

It may come as something of a surprise, but infrared burners, in general, are more energy efficient than many standard gas counterparts. Infrared rotisseries allow grilling enthusiasts to spend less money on propane or natural gas than you would ordinarily need to accomplish similar grilling tasks.

And while many people who upgrade their propane BBQ with an infrared rotisserie burner think in terms of succulent slow-cooked delicacies, they can actually reduce the amount of time required to perfect a prime cut of meat or other delights. The reduced time is attributed to the intense heat generated by infrared burners that require no preheating.

Infrared technology also removes the danger of flames flaring up and charring the portion. When friends and family ask what an infrared rotisserie burner is doing on your outdoor gas grill, summarize why you are winning, big league, in these ways.

  • Faster Searing: Infrared technology offers intense controllable heat unequaled by many standard flame burners.
  • Less Waiting: An infrared rotisserie burner does not require extensive pre-heating. That shortens the spit to plate wait time.
  • Thick Cuts: A backyard propane BBQ is an excellent way to prepare meals. An infrared rotisserie burner is king of the hill in terms of thick, succulent cuts of beef, whole chickens and even turkeys. Many of these thicker cuts would be difficult or impossible to prepare on many standard gas grills.

It’s important to understand that part of the infrared rotisserie craze is due to the increased options chefs acquire by accessorizing a PGS outdoor gas grill.

Why Add An Infrared Rotisserie Burner?

The inclusion of an infrared rotisserie burner is not a question of radiant or flame heat, so to speak. Upgrading is not a matter of whether you will only use the infrared technology or a propane BBQ the way you usually enjoy it.

Rather, the accessory gives you the option of control cooking specific menu items via the radiant infrared heat or choosing flame cooking. While the infrared rotisserie burner is clearly the next generation in backyard BBQing, old school cookouts are here to stay.

Consider this scenario if you will. A group of friends and family are set to arrive at your place around 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon. The main protein menu is likely to be thick juicy burgers, hot dogs, steaks and other choice meats. But you’d like to shake things up with a full rack of ribs or roast beef.

Fire it up, set the grill timer and go about your business until the guests arrive. We all know some are likely to be late and others a tad early. But that doesn’t affect the fact that your eye-opening selection will be ready and waiting. The use of a grill timer also means that it won’t overcook, and the primary grates will be available for whatever folks bring to toss on your grill. The point is that an infrared rotisserie adds a wrinkle that guests could not anticipate.

After you install a rotisserie setup on your PGS outdoor gas grill, you can run through all the reasons why. Or, offer them a rotisserie cooked cut and just say “winning.” That could be just as fun.

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