What You Should Know About Infratech Patio Heaters For Homes And Businesses

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Whether you are reading this as the frigid winter temperatures make your outdoor space uncomfortable or you are thinking about expanding spring or fall usage matters little. The fact remains that home and business owners invest in outdoor patios, verandas, decks, and other spaces because you want an improved leisure experience.

That benefit is diminished as fall unfolds and until spring’s warmth allows everyday people to sit outside and savor the fresh air while enjoying the company of friends and family. The solution to a shortened outdoor experience is simple. You need to integrate an outdoor heating system that delivers warming comfort to your loved ones and customers.

Infratech electric heaters have been an industry-leading resource for more than 50 years and one that is hotly trending. These infrared outdoor heating units are powered by connecting to existing electricity and come in a wide range of sizes and energy output strengths. Ranked among the most popular in all of North America, they deliver the outside infrared heating benefits that enhance and expand the quality experience home and business owners sought when creating an outdoor space in the first place. If you are considering improving a patio, veranda, or deck, these are things you should know about Infratech commercial and residential infrared heaters.

Single or Double Element Infrared Electric Heaters?

These commercial and residential infrared heaters power a quartz rod, commonly referred to as an element. That element emits infrared radiant heat that warms objects, not necessarily the surrounding air. This technologically advanced method of outside infrared heating outpaces flame units because a cool breeze does not diminish the warming comfort.

All of the Infratech models are box-type products that are rectangular. One of the technical aspects of home and business owners may want to consider is whether a single or double-element infrared outdoor heating unit best serves your needs.


  • Single-Element Electric Infrared Heaters: These heaters have a single quartz rod with a heat output that can range between 2000 and 4000 watts. The infrared comfort generated from single element models cost-effectively warms intimate spaces.
  • Double-Element Electric Infrared Heaters: With two quartz rods, these heaters can have a power output that ranges from 3000 to 6000 watts, these more powerful units have an enhanced throw range. They generate far-reaching warming comfort and are considered tried-and-true heaters in commercial settings and large outdoor spaces.

It’s also important to know that each element can be controlled individually. This facet allows home and business owners to utilize the full power of one element and save on energy when both are not warranted. If you have a space that falls somewhere in the middle of intimate and large, double-element units can save you the cost of two singles.

Mounting and Finishes for Infrared Outdoor Heating Units

The Infratech line of commercial and residential infrared heaters are units that attach to a secure surface. In semi-enclosed spaces such as verandas, they can be mounted overhead and strategically deliver radiant infrared warmth.

They can also be mounted on walls. This also means this brand of outside infrared heating products can be mounted vertically, horizontally, and angled to maximize the throw range. These perks provide home and business owners with a wide range of options in terms of maximizing heat throws. In outdoor spaces that do not necessarily have a partial ceiling or surrounding walls, home and business owners have the option of mounting infrared electric heaters on sturdy posts and beams. This strategy simply requires running a designated power source for the unit.

Another reason that the Infratech line continues to be an industry leader is that the models can be ordered in upwards of eight unique colors. Décor options are crucial to maintaining the beautification of any semi-enclosed or fully outdoor leisure space. The Infratech line can also be flush-mounted in a way that makes it almost invisible.

Controlling Your Infrared Electric Heaters

If you are considering installing Infratech commercial or residential infrared heaters, it may please you to know that electric models are inherently cost-efficient. One of the reasons they maximize energy usage is that owners have improved control over power utilization.

Infratech models can be easily controlled with simple on-off switches. If you opt to install a double-element unit, the accompanying switch has a pair of controls that allow you to select one, the other, or both elements depending on your comfort needs. These are neatly tucked into a single control box.

There are also INF heat input regulators available that allow users to manage the unit’s output level. This easy to manage dial simplifies energy usage without requiring a great deal of technical planning. But Infratech does craft sophisticated control systems for home and business owners that want to maximize energy use.

Homeowners have the option of integrating the outside infrared heating units into the property’s existing management system. Tying it all together can simplify overall use in terms of savings and convenience. People using Smart technology can even include the Infratech products into an existing app and manage it from your cellphone.

Businesses, on the other hand, often opt for universal control panels that negotiate a wide range of heating units throughout the property. Infratech products can be seamlessly immersed in an operation’s heating comfort strategy. This top-tier brand also allows home and business owners options such as automatic shutoff timers and other accessories. Obviously, the Infratech line is not the cumbersome electric heater of yesteryear.

Select the Best Infratech Patio Heater for Your Home or Businesses

Infratech has an established reputation for commercial and residential excellence that exceeds half a century. This industry-leading line of electric infrared heating products continues to integrate next-generation technology and deliver cost-effective warmth, comfort, and convenience. The challenge is not which brand to choose, it’s which Infratech model best improves your outdoor leisure space.

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