Why Propane and Gas Grills Are Far Superior To Charcoal Grills

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With summer on its way, you can be sure that a new grill is all you need to make get-togethers amazing. But as wonderful as a new grill would be- not all of them are created equal. In fact, some grills are superior to others.

Our high end, advanced grills are making charcoal grills a thing of the past.

Charcoal: The Mess that Keeps on Spilling

While charcoal was a welcome improvement over burning wood in a campfire- gas-burning grills are far and away an enormous improvement over charcoal.

For one thing, charcoal is dirty. It puts out lots of black smoke and handling coal is a dirty, messy proposition. And when you’re all done, disposing of coal ash is extremely messy.

Worse still, charcoal grills pose a significant fire hazard. While moving burning coals from a starter grill to the main grill, there’s the risk of dropping embers. Likewise, embers can fall out or be blown out of the grill, creating an unnecessary potential for accidental fires.

Finally, charcoal grills are extremely inconvenient. Managing your cooking temperature can be a nightmare, and ensuring an even cooking temperature across your grill can be impossible. This is especially true for bigger meals or large BBQs where you have to add more charcoal. The more people you serve, the harder it is to guarantee enjoyable food for everyone.

Move Over Charcoal...

With the grill advancements our new grills offer, you’ll never want to use a charcoal grill again. Why go through all that trouble, when the alternative is so much better? Grills that run on propane or natural gas are much easier to operate with a fraction of the mess of charcoal.

Chooses from a selection of Advanced Grills

Any of these top of the line backyard grilling appliances can be turned on in only a few seconds. Just a twist of the knob and a click of the piezoelectric starter and your grill will start heating up. They are much easier and cleaner to operate. While cooking will always have some degree of mess associated with it, you no longer need to add dirty charcoal and ash to the equation.

Consistent Heat

With natural gas, infrared rotisserie, and liquid propane grills- temperature control is as easy as turning the dial. You decide how many burners to use, set the flame intensity to suit your cooking style and taste preference. Rest easy knowing that even flame and consistent heat will do the job reliably. Plus, by adding a few grill briquettes, you’ll gain even more control over your cooking.

Greater Safety

With these advanced grills, the fire is always contained safely within the cooking chamber. Better still, there are no embers that can escape through vents, spill accidentally, or be blown away by a sudden wind. When you follow the simple fire safety precautions, gas grills are inherently much safer than old fashioned charcoal grills.

Superior Accessories

Choose from a number of accessories to enhance your grilling experience.

These include;

  • Rotisserie Kit – Get the savory edge by roasting your favorite meat with our PGS rotisserie kit. These infrared rotisserie burners expand your grilling capabilities. Choose the gas shut off grill timer for added safety, or add a side shelf to help with preparing more food.
  • Mon Roks – Gain the ultimate in grilling control with these ceramic briquettes. These reusable briquettes deliver more consistency and even heat distribution, letting the flavors circulate through your food.
  • Chip/Steam Tray - Enhance the flavor of your cooking with our PGS chip/steam tray. Constructed using all high-quality stainless steel, you can add your favorite flavors such as; maple, hickory, or mesquite wood chips. It easily sits on top of your cooking grids and does its work while you attend to the main grill.

With all of these amazing advantages, old fashioned charcoal grills are rapidly going the way of the dodo bird. Join the revolution, and turn your grilling power up to 11 with our advanced new grills!

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