Working Families Benefit & Save Money With A-Series Patio Barbecue Grills

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It would be something of an understatement to say that preparing family meals on gas BBQ grills ranks among the most popular traditions. Nearly 65 percent of Americans cook on a Built-in patio grill or portable patio barbecue. And those without a portable propane grill are increasingly likely to purchase one.

Gas-fueled grill ownership is expected to exceed $1.7 billion in the U.S. by 2025. Americans spend upwards of $1.36 billion annually on new grills and upgrades, not because they are high-priced luxury items. People seek out industry-leading patio grills, such as the PGS A-Series line, because they improve the quality of everyday family life.

Patio Barbecue Family Uses & Activities

There are good reasons to purchase a top-tier outdoor barbecue grill that has the capacity to prepare choice cuts of beef, chicken, and sides for big gatherings. But the reality of owning a quality portable propane grill is that the vast majority of the meals you create are for your immediate family.

The PGS A-Series has emerged as a perfect fit for families who enjoy sit-down meals together in the fresh air and host small, intimate get-togethers. Another reason this portable propane grill has become a go-to product among working families is that it delivers top-tier cooking capacity, energy efficiency, and fits into budgets.

In many cases, it’s also the last outdoor barbecue grill you’ll need to purchase. That’s largely because PGS grills have a long-standing reputation for longevity and can be augmented with state-of-the-art accessories.

Prepare Classic Foods & Healthy Options On Your Outdoor Barbecue Grill

The idea of backyard grilling typically conjures up images of hamburgers, hot dogs, and children romping while adults look, talk and laugh. This picture is as traditional as Mom and apple pie and linked to many of the small gatherings of family and friends.

Gas BBQ grills play a central role in quickly preparing these outdoor staples during pool parties, birthdays, and playing lawn games. They also help serve up meals for visiting in-laws, friendly co-workers, kids, and sometimes even your boss. Whatever the reason for a handful of people to gather on your patio, children, and adults bond together and enjoy traditionally grilled meals. What could be more perfect?

It’s also not uncommon for backyard grill masters to expand their menu options. Sometimes it’s fun to impress friends and family members with unexpected treats that are succulently seared. These are some of the wide-reaching foods that can be enjoyed with locked-in flavors when cooked on a patio barbecue grill.

  • Choice Steaks
  • Chicken Wings & Drumsticks
  • Seared Chicken Breast
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Grilled Asparagus & Other Veggies
  • Pineapple Slices
  • Shrimp & Fish

Many of these mainstay foods can be integrated into comfort food dishes that include tacos, fajitas, and kabobs, as well as on traditional burgers and hot dogs. The A-Series line also delivers even temperature control to accommodate vegan choices and foods considered among the healthy options.

For example, the taste of plant-based burgers has improved so much that most people can no longer tell the difference. Being able to infuse grilling-flavor for vegan guests enhances their experience tremendously. If your interested in expanding your outdoor grilling selections, consider clicking through and reviewing these PGS Grill recipes.

What You Need To Know About PGS A-Series Grills

If you read between the statistical lines regarding outdoor barbecue grill ownership, annual spending and compare them to everyday experience, it’s not difficult to extrapolate a few trends. We’re seeing increased spending on portable propane grills for new homeowners, replacements, and upgrades. In many cases, grill enthusiasts begin with cheaply made units that falter and then buy a new one. But repeat purchases come to an end once a PGS grill arrives on your patio. That’s because PGS grills pass the test of time.

Residential PGS A-Series grills tend to be family-friendly in terms of portability, energy-efficiency, cost, and grilling excellence. This PGS line delivers high BTUs, and heat control, in a modestly-sized package that doesn’t require a great deal of patio square-footage to accommodate. PGS residential A-Series models include the A30LP, A30NG, A40LP, and A40NG. While there are subtle differences between these industry-leading products, they all enjoy the following

  • Stainless Steel Components Such As H-Burners, Cooking Grids, & Warming Racks
  • Matchless Ignition for Improved Safety
  • Durable Cast-Aluminum Grill Lids & Basins
  • Wide-Ranging Mounting Options for Space Maximization
  • Can Be Enhanced with Next-Generation Technology Accessories

The A-Series line offers units that can be fueled by liquid propane or natural gas. A portable propane grill stores the easily replaceable fuel tank in the base of the unit. Families find liquid propane models a welcome option because the grill cart can be rolled to suitable spaces when accommodating guests, and stored out of the way when not grilling. The A-Series portable propane grill offers everyday people the flexibility necessary to host birthday parties, on the deck, or grill poolside.

The PGS A30LP and A40LP run on liquid propane with the A30 delivering 30,000 BTUs and 330 square inches of cooking area. The A40 increases the BTU rate to 40,000 and gives grill chefs 434 square inches of cooking area.

The pair fueled by natural gas are the A30NG and A40NG models. Like their liquid propane counterparts, the A30 enjoys 30,000 BTUs and 330 square inches of cooking space. The A40, following suit, runs 40,000 BTUs and 434 square inches of cooking space.

Although both fuel resources are widely regarded as cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, the key difference is that natural gas grills must be securely fixed in place. That also means grill owners won’t need to swap out tanks. However, natural gas tends to be a trade-off with mobility. That being said, homeowners who purchase A-Series natural gas units generally expand their cooking stations to resemble outdoor kitchens.

Expand Your Kitchen with a Built-In Patio Grill

It’s essential for home chefs who are serious about preparing delicious meals on a top-tier outdoor barbecue grill to engage in some planning. Given that you already developed a liking for outdoor cooking, it may be worthwhile to consider an A30NG or A40NG unit as the first step to creating an expansive outdoor kitchen.

The designers of these PGS grills understand that continued spending on new units is not cost-effective. That’s why the A-Series can be deftly accessorized. A natural gas built-in patio grill is already fixed in place and can seamlessly be outfitted to become the outdoor kitchen’s centerpiece. For example, A-Series models can be integrated into outdoor countertops, and enhanced with an infrared rotisserie. They also come with a lifetime warranty for a reason. Home chefs need only add state-of-the-art accessories to grow their backyard menu possibilities. Those who continue to buy cheaply manufactured products rarely enjoy this type of built-in patio grill experience.

PGS A-Series Grills Make Sense For Working Families

If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors and dining on deliciously healthy grilled meals, take a moment to think through your current patio space and how an A-Series would fit. Then consider where you want to be in terms of backyard grilling in five or ten years. With an industry-leading PGS Grill, you’ll probably have expanded the primary cooking station rather than be purchasing your fourth or fifth unit. There’s little doubt that working families engage in wasteful repeat spending that could be avoided by investing in a PGS model. 

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