Your Best Summer Barbecue

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Summertime food just tastes better when it's prepared on a grill. Whether you are a fan of a perfectly seared New York Strip steak, a bone-in chicken breast caramelized with tangy sauce, a juicy burger topped with cheese, or a ballpark-style hot dog, your meal will be so much better because you cooked it on a grill. But not just any grill. Your cuisine deserves a high-quality gas grill that doesn't just look great, it grills great. And you know that grill will stand the test of time.

There is a PGS grill that is the perfect fit for every backyard and every outdoor chef. PGS grills are manufactured from the very best materials to exacting standards that make them extremely durable. There are liquid propane and natural gas grill options available for every model. You're never stuck tending hot charcoal briquets when you're cooking on PGS gas grills.

Every PGS grill model is designed to be the very best. These grills deliver performance, durability, and value. If it's time for you to upgrade the grill you have or add your first ever grill to your backyard, you deserve the highest quality barbecue grill around. Your PGS grill is an investment in one of the most reliable grilling products that is manufactured by any company. PGS grills are also covered by extensive warranties that are among the best in the outdoor barbecue industry.

If the neighbors come up with a spontaneous plan to grill out together this summer, will you be ready? You will if you have purchased a PGS gas grill. You know your grill will get the job done. Just add groceries and your very own grilling inspiration and you will be sizzling with style.

Which PGS Grill is Best?

There are two lines of PGS grills that are made for residential use. A-series grills are aluminum on the outside with stainless steel burners, cooking grids, warming racks, and foldable side shelves that are perfect for platters, seasonings, and sauces. They are available with cooking surfaces in two different sizes and they all come with self-contained continuous spark electronic ignitions that light up quickly every time. No more hitting the switch, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. A-series grills are built to be economical and long-lasting.

PGS Legacy series grills are residential grills manufactured with stainless steel inside and out. They are available in several different sizes and options include infrared rotisserie burners. Legacy grills come with ceramic rocks that promote even cooking heat and variably spaced grid systems. They are built to be solidly attractive. A legacy series outdoor propane grill or natural gas grill elevates any cookout into a feast.

Commercial Grills

PGS T-Series commercial grills were developed for multi-family situations like condominiums, apartment buildings, recreation areas, swimming pools, and other community gathering spots. These commercial quality grills come in a variety of different sizes. Some models are made from cast aluminum and others are manufactured in stainless steel. The entire T-series line is equipped with PGS FuelStop timers. After 60 minutes, the gas flow grill timer stops flowing into the grill. This eliminates the problem of the grill being left on all night, which can be a pain point for property managers monitoring a grill on-site.

There are a variety of ways to mount these grills. They can be put on pedestals, incorporated into the masonry of an outdoor kitchen, or placed on a grill cart. The cart option can turn the grill into a portable propane grill because the fuel is self-contained in a liquid propane tank that is located in the base of the grill. A portable propane grill is a great option for larger community spaces because the grill can be moved to any convenient spot to use. It moves easily from one side of the pool deck to the other wherever the chef of the moment needs it.

If the grill you're cooking on has seen better days, it's time to treat yourself to a grill that really shines in your backyard. Whether you are grilling for your family or for the entire block, you can trust that your PGS is putting optimal cooking power in your hands. You can put away the lighter fluid and its overwhelming smell when you turn to the power of liquid propane or natural gas grills.

A Legacy of Quality

PGS has been making premium grilling products for more than forty years, back to the beginning of gas grill technology. PGS grills are found on thousands of patios and common areas across North America. They aren't designed to be the flashiest grills on the block. They are manufactured with care to be top performers in the industry. If you ever need assistance or replacement grill parts, you can count on excellent customer service and a full line of products.

Say hello to your tastiest summer yet when you choose a PGS grill. Your cooking experience will be so enjoyable you'll be searching for new things to prepare. One day you'll be crafting colorful kebabs and the next day you might be roasting a chicken. Don't forget about all the marvelous side dishes you make on a grill to accompany the main course. Farm fresh produce like squash and zucchini are excellent on the grill, but so are sweeter options like pineapple and peaches. Even your favorite salad can get in on the grilling when you char romaine lettuce on the grates before topping it with Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.

Whether you're cooking for your immediate family or for everyone who lives in your neighborhood, you can be confident in your grilling choice with a PGS grill. You'll be tipping your chef's hat to unparalleled quality, extreme durability, and ease of use. Make your patio fun and tasty by selecting the PGS gas grill that is perfect for you. Isn't it time you owned the highest quality barbecue you can buy?

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