Slimline Single Element Heaters

Sleek and streamlined, the Slimline Series single element heaters are an ideal choice for surface mount applications. Crisp, modern styling, brushed stainless steel faceplate with bronze anodized aluminum housing and narrow profiles virtually disappear in the surrounding decor. 

Our infrared heaters work similar to the sunlight, with heat traveling in direct lines, and not being affected by wind or surrounding air. This unique process allows for selective heating of certain areas and lends itself to outdoor patios and backyards. 

Quartz Element Heating

Quartz element plays a key role in infrared heating. By utilizing quartz elements our infrared heaters are able to emit a safe, clean wavelength of light that may only be absorbed by solid objects. This means the heat is transferred directly to you from your heater.

With these types of heaters, your guests don't have to wait to warm up, like with ordinary heaters. With infrared heat, they warm up rapidly, with fast acting heat rays that eliminate the cold. 

Quartz heaters work great for outdoor heating, indoor heating, and space heating due to their ability to produce high levels of heat energy. 

Infrared heat does not blow away in breezy locations and the quartz elements are completely odorless.
Model SL2424SV features:
  • 2,400 Watts
  • 10 amps
  • 240 volts
  • Available in 208 volt 
  • 42 1/2" Length with 4 3/4" Width
  • Silver Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Stainless Steel Front Face Plate
  • 6" Mounting Kit Included
  • UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Quartz Element with Approximately 5,000 hours of use
  • Mounting Height: 7' to 9'
  • Approximate 7' x 7' Heat Coverage
  • 0 to 60° Mounting Angle
  • Minimal Maintenance Cost
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

The Slimline design also includes a T-slot for flexible mounting options. 

Slimline heaters are available in 1,600 watts, 2,400 watts, 3,000 watt, and 4,000 watts. 

Outdoor Heating Solution

Infratech's infrared heaters are perfect for a wide range of heating applications and heating areas. These sleek heaters are over 90% energy efficient, listed for outdoor and indoor use, and easy to operate.

We offer a wide variety of models, sizes, a range of fixtures, and installation options. We pride ourselves on putting the "comfort" in comfort heating.

These heaters are designed with low clearance requirements, for a clean look that creates minimal visual impact.