Informative Answers

Grill won't light when the ignition button is depressed.

1. Replace the battery. 2. Ensure the electrode is attached to igniter module. 3. Contact our customer service department at 949-474-3070 for more assistance.

What is the clearance to combustible construction?

A minimum of 30" between the grill and any combustible materials is required. This includes above, below and side of the grill as all surfaces produce heat.

What is covered under "Lifetime Warranty" on my PGS Legacy Grill?

PGS LEGACY GRILLS SERIES ONLY warrants to the original consumer that the upper, lower, housing, stainless steel cooking grids, stainless steel warming rack and stainless steel burners will be free from defects in material and workmanship (excluding normal discoloration) when subjected to normal domestic use and service for the life of the grill. Must provide proof of purchase when filing a warranty claim. ****LIFETIME WARRANTY EXCLUDES T-SERIES GRILLS****

If the burner fails to light.

Immediately turn control OFF to prevent gas build up. Wait five minutes for gas to clear and try again. If the burner does not light with the electronic ignition, light the burner with a match or other hand held lighter using the manual lighting tube on the right side of your Legacy grill. DO NOT TOSS A LIT MATCH INTO THE UNIT AND TURN THE GAS ON!

What is the best way to clean my cooking grids?

Routine cleaning of the grill grids is best accomplished by scrubbing the grids with a brass or stainless steel brush immediately before and after cooking, while the grill is hot. Wear barbecue mitts to protect your hands from the heat while cleaning. When needed, remove the grids from the grill and scrub with soap solution or oven cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and allow the grids to dry completely before reinstalling onto grill.