Informative Answers

How do I position my outdoor patio heaters?

If your patio/outdoor area is protected with a wind screen, walls, or bushes you can space the heaters at 15 foot intervals and provide adequate coverage in more mild climates. If the area is moderately exposed to the wind we recommend heaters be placed with 12 foot intervals. In colder climates, we recommend the heaters be placed with 8 foot intervals.

Where our “outdoor” patio heaters should NOT be used?

We recommend that heaters NOT be used in garages, ice fishing tents, human or animal enclosed living spaces, barns, boats, RV’s or other moving or enclosed objects. Again, patio heaters are for OUTDOOR USE only!

I can't light my A270 portable propane heater. Before you call for service:

1. Is there sufficient propane gas in the tank? The tank should weigh approximately 40 lbs when full. 2. Is the tank turned on? If you smell gas check for leaks with a soap water solution. Replace hose and regulator if necessary. 3. Has the gas line been fully bled of air by depressing the control knob in the pilot position? This takes a full 90 seconds with a fresh tank. 4. Is the control knob turned to the pilot position? The control knob should depress about 1/4 inch. The control knob must be in the pilot position. 5. Is the electronic igniter working properly? Do you need to replace the AA battery? Can the heater be match lit? 6. Can you see the pilot flame? Does the pilot flame remain after the control knob is released? If not review item #3. 7. Once the pilot flame is established turn the control knob to the full ON position. The Burner flame should have a blue-orange appearance. A lazy yellow flame would indicate a blockage in the burner and will need to be repaired.