Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters

The Sunglo™ model A270 portable propane heater is ideal for open patio designs. The model offers the flexibility to move or remove the heaters as needed. An optional tie-down kit is available to secure heaters to patio deck where required. When used with a standard 20 lb propane cylinder, the heater can be operated continuously for approximately 10 hours. Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure on a patio. The average spacing between these heaters is 12 ft. apart.

Patio Heating for any Occasion

Model A270 utilizes a manually operated control system requiring no electrical power. The battery operated DSI pilot ignition makes lighting the pilot easy and convenient. This heater offers a large aluminum reflector for maximum comfort, a primary aerated burner for minimal noise, and 100% safety shutoff. 

Sunglo™ A270 is truly the original outdoor patio heater

Model A207BZ features:
  • 40,000 BTU
  • Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • 100% Safety Shutoff
  • Battery Operated Ignition System
  • Constant Pilot
  • CSA Certified
  • Approximate 12' Heat Coverage
  • Complete Parts Availability and Support
  • Made in the USA

Bronze Propane Patio Heaters

Don't let the sun going down or an unexpected weather change negatively affect your outdoor dining area or special event. With a Sunglo™ outdoor heater you can comfortably warm your patio and entertaining areas.

For over 30 years customers have come to expect only the best quality out of Sunglo products. Sunglo heaters work utilizing radiant heat to warm people and objects without having to heat the surrounding air. Radiant heat quietly provides outdoor warmth by utilizing a deep dish reflector on the patio heater, to send heat over a large area so all can enjoy it. Sunglo's patio heaters are specially designed to stay lit even in a light breeze. For any questions or concerns please contact us today!