Informative Answers

How much heat should I expect?

A Sunpak 25,000 BTU model will give you an approximate coverage of 10' x 10' at a mounting height of 7' 1/2" to 9' 1/2". A Sunpak 34,000 BTU model will give you an approximate coverage of 12' x 12' at a mounting height of 9' 1/2" to 12'.

Are the SUNPAK units difficult to install?

Yes. This is not a project for the weekend do-it-yourself person. Safety is always our first concern. We recommend that you find a licensed, bonded HVAC contractor to do the installation. These units require plumbing and electrical skills to be installed correctly.

How many SUNPAK units do I need?

Coverage is relative to climate. Our experience has been that in warm climates (Southern California, Arizona, Florida, Texas) an S34 mounted between 8-9 feet, will cover a 12'x12' area and the S25 a 10'x 10' area. In cooler climates such as (Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Michigan) the coverages are more like 10'x 10' for an S34 and 8'x 8' for the S25. Wind is a big factor in any outdoor heating project. A continual breeze (20+ mph) will make heating any patio very difficult. We encourage patio owners to use natural wind breaks were possible.

Will I be able to use my patio during the winter months?

Depending on where you live, not likely. These heaters are not designed to melt snow and ice. Sunpak heaters generally increase the comfort level 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors.

Can SUNPAK units be placed under an awning type patio cover?

Yes, as long as the clearances to combustibles are maintained. Additional clearance may be required for glass, painted surfaces, vinyl siding or other materials which may be damaged by radiant or convection heat.

Can the SUNPAK units be recessed into a ceiling?

No. Heaters should never be located in a ceiling recess or soffit.

Can I use SUNPAK units to heat my garage?

No. The SUNPAK units are approved for OUTDOOR residential use. We carry a great residential tube heater designed for low ceilings, call us for details.

What colors are available?

Sunpak models (S25, S34) are available in powder coated black galvanized steel or stainless steel casing. The new fascia kits are available in black, stainless steel or antique bronze.

Can the SUNPAK units be controlled with a thermostat?

Yes. We recommend however that something other than a thermostat be used. Thermostats operate on air temperature. Sunpak heaters heat up objects rather than the air, and the thermostat may not ever turn the heaters off. We recommend using a wall switch or timer.

Is there a warranty and what does it cover?

SUNPAK Infrared Heaters carry a 90 day commercial or one-year residential limited factory warranty. All heaters are stamped with the date of manufacture. Warranty is limited to repair of heaters at the factory or replacement parts. Any work or repair on a SUNPAK heater must be performed by qualified service personnel.