Outdoor Patio Heaters

SUNPAK® S34 B TSH (#12042) has a two-stage output 25,000 to 34,000 BTU controlled by a duplex switch with "ON-OFF-HIGH-LOW" capability.  All SUNPAK® heaters are CSA Design Certified and are equipped for clean burning, cost-effective, and highly efficient natural gas or propane fuels. 

Outdoor Commercial Heaters

The Sunpak S34-TSH (Two Stage Hardwired) infrared heater is completely hardwired for convenience with no need for a remote control. This specific Sunpak heater is controlled through a simple duplex switch that allows for an output of either 25,000 or 34,000 BTUs of heat.  All units are installed with spark ignition and a 100% shutoff for safety.

Model S34 B TSH (#12042features:
  • Fully Automatic ON/OFF/HI/LOW control system
  • Ceramic Infrared Burner System
  • Direct Spark Ignition with Auto Re-light and Flame Sensor System
  • Two Stage 25,00 to 34,000 BTU
  • Hi-Temp Black Aluminized steel construction
  • Black Mounting Kit Included
  • 24 Volt Transformer Included
  • Sunpak® Duplex Switch Control Included
  • Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • 9' 1/2" to 12' Mounting Height
  • Approximate 12 ' x 12' Heat Coverage @ 34,000 BTU (High Setting)
  • Approximate 10' x 10' Heat Coverage @ 25,000 BTU (Low Setting)
  • Recommended for Commercial and Residential Installation 
  • Available in natural gas or liquid propane
  • Made in the USA
Model S34 B TSH (#12042) Options:
  • Stainless Steel Front Fascia Kit: #12020
  • Black Front Fascia Kit: #12020 2

Maintaining Infrared Heaters

Over time, especially during extended times of non-use, your Sunpak heater can gather dirt /debris in and around the pilot and the burner. We suggest routine maintenance be performed at least once a year by a qualified agency to guarantee optimum performance for your guests.