Sunstar Commercial

The SunStar® GLASS Infrared heater is a two-stage 24,000 BTU to 35,000 BTU heater with featured tinted high-temperature glass which provides protection on windy days and enhances the heater’s aesthetic appeal. The heater is constructed with weather-resistant, zinc-plated materials with enhanced black hi-temperature silicone powder-coated paint in the SGL models. It is specifically designed with internal reflectors to enhance the radiant output which is totally hidden behind the tinted ceramic glass. Also available in Marine Grade Stainless Steel (MGL models), the SunStar® GLASS delivers radiant warmth directly to people at floor level first and then in the surrounding air. Unlike typical fire-based heaters which are affected by windy weather conditions that cause reduced heat output, the SunStar® GLASS maintains consistent efficiency year around. The system has been tested and proven to operate in winds up to 40 miles per hour.

The new product offers two heat settings that can be controlled with a manual 3-position switch (High/Low/Off) with the N7 SGL35 (natural gas) or L7 SGL35 (liquid propane) model or a combination of both a 3-position switch and wireless remote control (High/Low/Off) with the N10 SGL35 (natural gas) or L10 SGL35 (liquid propane) models. SunStar® models can also be installed with an angle of 0° to 60° to ensure you get maximum heat coverage.