An Infrared Patio Heater Can Solve The Problem Of Underused Outdoor Spaces

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Underused outdoor patios reduce the amount of revenue a business could generate and diminish customer satisfaction. That may be a hard pill to swallow for otherwise savvy entrepreneurs and organization managers. But the fact remains that outdoor spaces are typically abandoned by people when temperatures dip. Adding a patio heater can cure this issue, improve cash flow, and elevate your brand's perception.

Restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and other hospitality industry outfits invested in outdoor spaces to increase both revenue and customer satisfaction because the two go hand in hand. Consider the effect an outdoor patio heater would have on the following business models.

  • Residential Living: Happy residents that enjoy the benefits of outdoor spaces warmed by a portable LP heater are more likely to recommend the facility to others. They may be more inclined to post positive reviews on social media. At the end of the day, property owners could see waiting lists and charge higher rental fees. That’s how customer satisfaction trails back to profitability.
  • Resorts: Hotels and other hospitality businesses see a similar link between patrons who have enjoyable experiences and revenue. A strategically placed poolside portable LP heater extends the day, and guests feel they got their money’s worth. By contrast, retreating to their room when the sun drops below the horizon creates a sense of passive boredom about a hotel or luxury resort.
  • Food & Beverage Sector: Restaurants enjoy a seamless benefit between the number of available tables and orders they can fill on a busy weekend night. Food and beverage service establishments also have the ability to serve outdoor breakfast earlier or stay open late for drinks. That seemingly inconspicuous outdoor patio heater attracts customers for extended hours at both ends of the day. The same holds true in terms of pushing deeper into fall or opening patios sooner in spring.

Few would argue the fact that patio heaters have a direct and discernable impact on these and other businesses. But the issue facing outfits with underused outdoor spaces is that you are unnecessarily losing money. Employing the following types of outdoor heaters is the solution.

Can An Infrared Electric Heater Help Increase Revenue?

It’s essential to distinguish the way an infrared electric heater works. Infrared commercial heaters produce radiant heat that warms objects and people, not the air around them. They are usually rectangular or box-shaped and can be suspended overhead or mounted on a wall.

Business professionals often craft a heat deployment plan that positions the infrared electric heater above outdoor seating or standing areas. They require a sturdy structure, making them ideal for verandas and semi-enclosed outdoor spaces that offer patrons a fresh-air experience. Electric infrared heaters can also be secured to walls and direct the radiant heat inward. AEI carries an industry-leading line of electric infrared heaters called Infratech. These commercial models leverage next-generation technology and are considered more than 90 percent energy-efficient.

Can A Natural Gas Patio Heater Increase Outdoor Space Use?

Entrepreneurs and other business leaders are routinely tasked with making informed decisions about capital expenditures. The organization already invested in an outdoor space to drive revenue and enhance the peaceful enjoyment of patrons and residents. AEI has three distinct lines of natural gas heaters that use infrared heat to keep people warm and comfortable. The Patio Comfort, Sunglo, and Sunpak commercial heaters remain industry-leading choices in overhead models. Much like the electric heaters, these natural gas patio heaters employ infrared technology. 

The Sunpak line consists of rectangular or box-shaped natural gas heaters. They emit infrared heat in the direction they are facing. The Sunpak line can be used as a suspended heater or mounted to existing walls, allowing decision-makers the ability to craft a radiant heat design that best serves their goals.

The Sunglo line of heaters has the iconic mushroom head heater and can be mounted on a pole in the ground, or suspended overhead. This has been increasingly popular in restaurants that want to add style and ambiance as well as warmth and comfort. They emit radiant heat in a 360-degree circle, warming people and objects in its throw-range.

Both styles of suspended heaters take advantage of an existing fuel resource. But it’s not unusual for sharp business leaders to install natural gas lines to maximize the long-term profits associated with this inexpensive fuel source. Natural gas heater installations require a certified professional to ensure the safety of community members.

Portable LP Heaters Deliver Increased Flexibility

The mushroom head model ranks as the most popular and recognizable portable LP heater in North America, bar none. We see them positioned on the outdoor spaces of restaurants, near pools, grilling areas, and many homeowners’ backyard patios. These portable models house a propane tank in the base and do not necessarily need to be fixed in place. That facet of the patio heater allows owners to reposition them according to emerging needs. The following are examples of how a portable LP heater can solve a restaurant’s problems in a pinch.

  • A large last-minute party makes a reservation. Create an outdoor seating arrangement with portable heaters to deliver comfort.
  • An evening chill prompts patrons to leave. Mention to people you are turning on the portable LP heater, so we can all enjoy the beautiful sky.
  • Your late-night menu and drink specials are exceeding indoor capacity. Position the patio heaters to throw radiant heat toward outdoor high-top tables and drink rails.

The point is that a portable LP heater can be deployed as a problem-solving asset that improves customer experience and retention. That same idea holds true in residential communities, hotels, luxury resorts, and many others. If you utilize infrared portable, fixed, and suspended heaters strategically, those outdoor spaces will cease to go underused.

Get Best Return On Investment From Outdoor Areas With Infrared Patio Heaters

As an industry leader, it can sometimes be difficult to decide how best to re-invest capital to further your interests. Infrared patio heaters deliver proven benefits that link customer retention and enhanced experience to increased revenue. If you have an outdoor space that suffers from under-use due to cool temperatures, infrared patio heaters are the solution.

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