Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Starts with The Ideal Grill

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What goes into building the perfect outdoor kitchen? A beautiful cooking area starts with comfortable seating, lighting, storage, and a place to relax and enjoy meals. It will become the "it" spot for summer and early fall entertaining for some of you. For others, it will be a place where the family can gather for holidays and extended meals.

How you go about creating this little oasis comes down to budget, size, and functionality.

What Goes into the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen?

The grill - really is the centerpiece for your kitchen. So picking out the right natural gas grill is essential. To make that chore more manageable, consider the types of foods you cook and the number of people who will enjoy meals in your outdoor kitchen.

The Space - starts with a patio - the size depends on your budget and the amenities you add to your kitchen. Go big and grand, or keep it small, cozy, and straightforward.

Counter Space and Prep areas: You don't want to run inside for this and back out and then back in again to prep that. You want a space that enables you to prepare an entire holiday meal, even if it's just Sunday dinner. You have many options, from stainless to indoor-outdoor counters.

Storage Space - is also essential as you will have gadgets that you store outdoors. Indoor storage can be at a premium, so outdoor storage is an easy way to keep the tools you need and use them where you need and use them.

Appliances - Besides the grill, there are options such as fridges, ice makers, pizza ovens, etc. The range, no pun intended, is quite extensive for outdoor kitchens.

The final touches include lighting, comfortable seating, and a dining area where you can live life to the fullest.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Gas Grills

A quality stainless steel natural gas grill is hard to beat for an outdoor kitchen. You can also opt for an LP grill or even a portable propane grill, which can be ideal if you are trying to save space.

Many people save space and add convenience by adding a grilling station with an island. Two Examples are:

Gensun 57" Modano and Gensun 67" Modano - are pre-fabricated grill islands that make designing the perfect outdoor kitchen much more manageable. The prefabrication takes a great deal of labor out of the process, and you can add to the island to customize its functionality and match it to your cooking and entertaining needs.

Model 67 Mod Made for PGS Grills

The Gensun 67" Modano grill island has a full measure with countertop: 67" W x 31 1/2" D x 36" H and has an exclusive fit for PGS Newport and Pacifica series grills.

Model 57 Mod

The Gensun 57" Modano grill island has a full measure with countertop: 57" W x 31 1/2" D x 36" H and is also made to fit PGS Newport and Pacifica series grills.

Both offer:

Perks include:

  • Fully welded and durably made from extruded aluminum frames giving the island strength, durability, and weather resistance.
  • Sturdy and enduring extruded/stamped aluminum doors are a start, but we went further with back and end panels made from extruded/stamped aluminum.
  • Exceptional stainless steel hardware for durability and advanced weatherproofing.
  • Ease and convenience featuring removable drawers providing easy cleaning.
  • Safety and Stability with One-inch adjustable legs to address uneven surfaces and a perfect 36" total height.
  • Stability and Safety for piped or bottled gas with features such as brackets to hold and position gas and electric lines.
  • Time and Labor savings - The pre-assembled islands are ready to go.

Accessorizing Outdoor Living

We make accessorizing your outdoor kitchen easy.

Beverage Center with Ice

What meal is not complete with beverages? We have two sizes of stainless steel beverage centers with the larger model having a 27" opening. It is easy to fill with ice and not only keeps your beverages cold it also helps with food safety. Keep condiments such as mayo on ice and foods such as salads that you want to keep crisp and fresh in summer's heat. Model LBC is easy to install and ready to add to your island or custom build masonry station. Add one for beverage and one for food, or use a single unit for both.

Natural Gas Grill Extension

The PGS double side burner extends the surface area of your grill. The double burner is a perfect spot for cooking meals that includes pots and pans rather than adding those to the grill surface. You achieve a better heating surface for cooking meals that would usually be done on a range but are handled easily outdoors. Model DSBKLMS keeps you out of the kitchen and in the thick of family and friends.

Safe, Secure Storage

Model M2DS is a two-drawer storage unit that you can add to a pre-fabricated island or into a custom-built unit. Storage is an essential part of a well-functioning kitchen - indoors or outdoors.

Cut-out dimensions are 14" W x 20" H making one unit large enough for smaller outdoor kitchens and a perfect size to add multiple units for larger kitchen areas.

These are two essential tools that create the palate to design the perfect outdoor kitchen. There are more considerations:

Seasonal Extensions

It is a shame to build a gorgeous outdoor living area and then bottle it up at the end of summer. However, you can extend the seasonal range for outdoor living with a few added extras. Those extras include:

Patio Comfort Heaters - are radiating heaters that are effective in an outdoor space. Because they are not warming the air, they have energy efficiency over gas or electric heaters.

Turn on the heaters early and enjoy coffee with your spouse or friends on chilly mornings while the rest of the world is still settling into its day.

Sunglo heaters are easy to install with a fixed gas line and offer excellent results in uncovered seating such as an outdoor restaurant. If your goal is to create a fantastic outdoor retreat with dining and grilling, then Sunglo heaters are essential.

With this assembly of outdoor living kitchen tools, it is easy to design, build, and enjoy the perfect outdoor kitchen. How you design your outdoor kitchen is about how you plan to utilize that space. Reach out to our outdoor living experts for questions, product suggestions, and to start the process of building the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Want more information? Have a question? Contact us today, and we will be happy to help!

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