Can Infrared Mushroom Heaters Stop Winter From Chilling Outdoor Patios?

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There's no reason to suffer winter on your outdoor patio ever again.

As we negotiate winter's chill, not everyone resigns themselves to huddle indoors until spring. In fact, an increased number of homeowners turn up an infrared patio heater to erase winter's negative impact on enjoying the fresh air and good company. You may also find restaurants and other hospitality businesses use outdoor heaters to increase customer satisfaction. Home and business owners may want to consider why so many classic mushroom heaters are being used. You may want to ask yourself: How can a portable patio heater put an end to winter?

Can Mushroom Heaters Prevent Winter From Coming?

If you watched the epic "Game of Thrones" series, characters repeatedly said, "winter is coming" with a sense of dread and impending doom. Yes, winter is coming to North America, and nothing can be done to prevent the seasonal change. Leaves fall from trees in late fall, snow blankets the ground of northern regions, and even seemingly warm weather residents feel a night chill. So, what can mushroom heaters really do about winter? Actually, a great deal.

If you strip away the calendar months and need to wear more insulated clothing, everyday people are left with an idea. An idea that you can no longer bask in the sun or under the night stars. Nothing could be further from the truth if you leverage next-generation infrared patio heater technology.

The reason that so many eateries and hospitality businesses use a portable patio heater plan to extend the day and season is they eliminate cold chills and replace them with warming comfort. It’s not unusual to see snow on the ground and people eating, drinking, and laughing with friends while only wearing a sweater or T-shirt. That might seem incredibly counterintuitive as you drive by or look over at a neighbor entertaining guests on their patio.

As home and business owners prepare for frigid temperatures, the time is now to invest in outdoor heaters. The alternative is fewer patrons and limited after-work access to fresh air dining after cooking on a stainless steel gas grill. Rather than passively shelter indoors from late fall until spring, it’s in your best interest to consider what mushroom heaters can do to prevent the negative impacts of winter.

Can A Sustainable Infrared Patio Heater Turn Back The Season?

Leveraging the advanced technology of a leading infrared patio heater should not be equated to an impulse-buy. That is to say, feeling that first chill and being disappointed about having to move indoors requires more than a quick fix. There are plenty of cheap mushroom heaters on the market that do not deliver year-round benefits. Many of them rely on an open flame to warm the air around you. This outdated approach typically fails to provide consistent comfort. One stiff breeze and that warmth vanishes, and winter returns.

Fortunately, the industry-leading AEI Corp distributes two lines of iconic mushrooms heaters — the Patio Comfort and Sunglo. Both the Patio Comfort and Sunglo warm the people and objects in their throw radius with infrared rays. The crucial difference between flame heat and infrared is that a cold breeze cannot blow away infrared heat.

Although typical outdoor heaters can be readily purchased at local department stores, their effectiveness tends to be suspect — at best — and they usually lack durability. You aren't trying to fend off one cold night. You're investing in years of extended seasons and enjoyable nights.

Business owners, similarly, are investing sustainable, long-term revenue, and customer satisfaction benefits. Buying a throwaway heater is like flushing your hard-earned money down the drain.

By contrast, the Patio Comfort and Sunglo heaters enjoy quality, come with extensive warranties and replacement parts, should an accident occur. The saying that "you get what you pay for" has never been proven more accurate.

How Can Patio Comfort & Sunglo Mushroom Heaters Fend Off Winter?

People who conduct their due diligence before purchasing outdoor heaters typically invest in infrared. The safety technology used in an infrared patio heater won't burn a customer or loved one, and it certainly will not cause a fire. Beyond safety considerations, understanding how mushroom heaters function further explains why they remain the best possible option.

Mushroom heaters earned their name because of the circular dome that rests on top of the pole. They literally mirror the shape of a mushroom. The design reason for this circular dome is to help project warmth in what industry insiders usually call a "heat zone. The heat zone of an infrared Patio Comfort or Sunglo heaters typically extends about 12 feet from the head in a 360-degree circle, depending on the conditions and space. That's important to know when creating a patio heating placement plan.

The Patio Comfort and Sunglo models can be fueled by liquid propane or natural gas. Some owners choose to work with interchangeable propane tanks that are housed in the base. Others tie the unit into existing natural gas lines for convenience. Both fuel resources are considered energy efficient and relatively inexpensive.

Safety concerns require an outdoor heater to be secured in place when tying into an existing fuel line. Both models can operate with liquid propane or natural gas.

One of the Sunglo series's nuances is that the mushroom heater can be hung without a base, freeing up floor space. This heating design strategy is commonly employed in outdoor business spaces that have partial roofs. Homeowners with verandas also may take advantage of hanging mushroom heaters overhead to maximize gathering spaces. It's also worth noting the Patio Comfort and Sunglo lines have residential and commercials models available.

Winter Might Not Be Coming To Patios With Infrared Mushroom Heaters

The idea that people only get to enjoy a minimum amount of time on outdoor patios is patently false. Every restaurant and hospitality business with outdoor seating or mingling spaces can turn back the calendar. The same holds true for homeowners who want to come home from work and sit outside until you say it's time to go indoors. We cannot stop the four seasons from changing the temperature, but we can all prevent winter from encroaching on patio enjoyment with infrared mushrooms heaters.

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