Commercial Patio Grill Cleaning & Maintenance Gives Grills a Longer Life

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If you are a commercial property owner or manage a hotel or resort, giving guests a place to grill their own food adds value. You can attract more residents when you have patio grills available for use.

While guests often go out to a restaurant for dinner, that can start to add up. It is a popular option with rental units to have full kitchens and grills so families can have home cooked meals and creature comforts at their vacation properties or long term rentals. Families with kids like to take advantage of using commercial grills provided with a rented cottage or cabin because it can be tough to wrangle kids for a restaurant meal every day and they’re typically there to try to spend some time outside on those great patios or decks. Usually, meals cooked on a grill can save guests money when they have so many mouths to feed without giving up that restaurant quality.

Installing excellent grills is an essential first step. A high-quality grill installation gives you the confidence that residents will have a good experience every time they barbeque. But, even the best grills need proper cleaning and maintenance to extend their lifespan and provide the best grilling experience.

Problems with Commercial Grill Maintenance & Cleaning

What kind of problems can a rental property owner have with cleaning and maintaining their grills? We’ll go into a few of the basics and offer a helpful guide to reference to ensure a smooth maintenance check on your unit.

Finding Proper Grill Cleaning Information

Buying a patio grill for your multi-family property, resort, or hotel means you are making an investment in your property and adding value. Guests and residents will see the quality of the grills you provide as an incentive to move in or book that long term stay with you. If you already own commercial grills for tenants, making sure the grills are clean and working properly each season is your responsibility. You need guidance from the manufacturer to tell you when and how to clean and maintain them but we’ll offer some tips below.

Tenants Don't Properly Clean Patio Grills After Use

One of the challenges with owning a multi-family property like an apartment, condo complex, or rental property like an Airbnb is that every tenant doesn't take care of community property the way they should. With numerous residents using your commercial grills frequently, grills may become overused without the best cleaning each time. Poor cleaning and maintenance habits lead to damage and can affect the quality of food cooked. This situation is frustrating because no one wants to cook fresh food on a dirty grill.

Dirty Grills Give an Appearance of Lower-Quality Residence

When potential residents come to tour your multi-family property, dirty grills make the property look bad. Seeing old, dirty grills or patio grill models that haven't been updated may affect how your property is seen by potential residents. If the grills are not properly maintained and cleaned, then future renters may think of what other aspects of the building aren't up to par? Thankfully PGS grills have surfaces that are easy to clean and keep maintained which will help to attract those future residents.

Durable Grills That are Easy to Clean are the Solution

AEI Corporation has the solution to these commercial grill cleaning and maintenance problems. With AEI, you can buy durable grills meant for longevity and easy maintenance. If you are responsible for cleaning and maintaining grills on your commercial property, AEI can help you.

Our commercial patio grills are tough. They are meant to last for a long time. Stainless steel grills are easy to clean and wipe down after use. If you need to replace parts, AEI has them in stock or can get them for immediate installation. With proper cleaning and maintenance of parts that can't be replaced, your outdoor grills will perform well for years to come.

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance for Commercial Grills

Whether your commercial grill is a propane grill or natural gas grill or you own grills for apartments or condos, you should clean and maintain your grill daily after use.

  • After use, wipe the grill with a soft, damp cloth, then rinse with warm or hot water. This removes substances left after grilling.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners and scouring materials when you clean grill surfaces. Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads can leave marks on the grill or leave behind metal pieces.
  • Wash along the direction of the polished grain.
  • Make sure to use soft, dry cloths or towels when drying the grill.
  • Regularly check for propane leaks. To check, run soapy water along the gas line and connections with the gas turned on. If gas is leaking, bubbles will form. To fix, tighten the connection or replace the gas line.
  • Cover grills when not in use. A grill cover can protect the grill from dirt, debris, and rust.

Periodic Maintenance for Commercial Grills

Maintaining a grill to keep it in the best shape isn't difficult, but you need to make the time for the best grill performance.

  • Experts recommend deep cleaning your commercial grill once or twice a year. AEI recommends cleaning the grill thoroughly every few months. Grease will build up and sauces or marinades can splatter. Small veggies may fall into the bottom of the grill. By paying attention to the grills appearance, you can determine how often to clean it.
  • Deep clean your commercial grill before using it at the beginning of the season at a minimum.
  • Line the grill's grease tray with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Check the grease tray periodically to see if you need to clean it out. After five to ten grilling sessions, replace the aluminum foil. Making sure the grease tray is properly cleaned is very important to prevent future grease fires from occurring.
  • Remove the burners to clean them and then replace them. Before cleaning them, make sure your gas supply is turned off and the feedline is empty of gas. To remove the burner assembly, remove cooking grids and rock grates. Then gently pull up on the back of the grill assembly.
  • Brush cooking grids with a brass or stainless steel brush before and after cooking, while the grill is hot. The grids can be removed for a more thorough cleaning. Rinse and dry thoroughly before replacing grids.
  • The stainless steel finish can become marked by rust or pitting. Rust marks can be caused by leftover residue from utensils or cleaning brushes. Remove these marks with stainless steel cleaner. Pitting is caused by bleaches or leftover food particles attacking the stainless steel. Check cleaners ahead of time to make sure they can be used to clean stainless steel.

Getting the Best Performance from Your Commercial Grills

Maximizing the use of your commercial patio grills and patio spaces means taking regular care of the grilling equipment. Residents and guests will love the outdoor grilling area and cooking meals outside, especially in the summer and other warm weather months. AEI's certified experts are on hand to ask for help, and the ease of getting replacement parts, cleaning and maintaining your commercial grills will now become an easy task. Contact AEI for more cleaning and maintenance information.

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