Does Your Multi-Family Community Development Plan Include Outdoor Patio Grills?

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Property managers and developers of multi-family complexes are tasked with accommodating community members with luxury and leisure incentives. The conventional wisdom is that items such as a stainless steel BBQ grill in a common area improve the overall quality of life.

Like a fitness center, and pools, a space with a built-in barbecue grill offers families a place to gather and break bread. The only difference from that metaphor is that everyday people will be dining on succulent and hot menu items right off patio grills. While there’s little doubt that patio grills deliver an enhanced benefit, property managers and residents may want to do some grilling math on the type of unit, mounting options, and fuel source, best serve their needs.

Which Patio Grills Make Sense for Residents?

In multi-family communities such as apartment complexes and condominium associations, residents typically won't have the space to maintain their own stainless steel gas grills. So, the developer should factor one or more communal grilling areas into your apartment's layout. Regardless of where you plan to place their patio grills, size, BTUs, and cooking area are important considerations. The high-quality PGS line has three types that may be perfect fits.

  • Legacy Grills: These stainless steel gas grills are common in commercial settings but enjoy spacious grates and space to prepare large meals for residents as well. The primary cooking area runs from 540 square inches to upwards of 960 square inches, not including additional warming rack space. These patio grills may make sense for growing families with adequate outdoor space.
  • T-Series Grills: While generally not as large as the Legacy options, this class of PGS grill provides 330 to more than 400 square inches of cooking area, depending on the model. This line also delivers as much as 40,000 BTUs and can be deftly accessorized. When space constraints are a consideration, T-Series patio grills offer families solutions.
  • A-Series Grills: This PGS line tends to seamlessly fit the streamlined private outdoor spaces of multi-family complexes. Ranging from 330 to 434 square inches of grilling space, A-Series grills tend to have a minimal footprint. Mounting them as pedestal grills makes them terrific space savers in intimate patio areas.

Another consideration for families living in apartments and condos, among others, is how convenient are the community’s outdoor gas grills. This is a question that property managers may want to poll residents about.

Important feedback decision-makers will need includes how many patio grills, locations, and whether to develop at least one complete outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbecue grill as its hub. That information allows property managers to make informed decisions about which stainless steel BBQ grill to select and how to install a unit.

Grill Mounting Options For Apartments

In terms of working with a PGS grill, each of the distinct product lines can be installed directly into a countertop. Multi-family complex developers tend to gravitate toward the Legacy Series. The primary reason being that these expansive stainless steel BBQ grill models can deliver top-tier benefits, such as the following.

  • Large-Scale Grilling Surface
  • BTUs that run as high as 102,000
  • Sizable Warming Racks
  • Can Be Purchased with BBQ Island
  • Optional Matching Side Burners
  • Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • 60-Minute Shut-off Timers
  • Matching Beverage Center
  • Storage Drawers

It’s not uncommon for apartment and condo association developers to integrate at least one primary gathering space with a complete Legacy installation. This space may be subject to reserved use, while intimate outdoor spaces are managed on a first-come basis.

One tried-and-true strategy is to outfit single-family sized spaces conveniently dispersed throughout the community. For these spaces, T-Series Grills provide ample cooking opportunities. These rank among the key reasons why a string of T-Series stainless steel BBQ grill models enhances the quality of life.

  • Can Be Cart-Mounted and Secured
  • Work as Quality Pedestal Grills to Save Patio Space
  • Can Be Installed as a Built-In Barbecue Grill
  • Accessories include Side Shelves, Side Burners, & Shut-Off Timers, among others
  • Flameless Ignition Improves Safety

Along with being an industry-leading gas grill, PGS units are also aesthetically pleasing and rank among the most cost-effective investments. A-Series models also deliver top-tier benefits and accessories. This line generally serves as a top option when space is at a premium because they work well as pedestal grills.

But before residents and property decision-makers choose the perfect PGS grill, fuel source availability should be considered.

Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Fuel Options

Given charcoal is inadequate in every conceivable way, in terms of quality grilling and food taste, PGS grills rely on liquid propane or natural gas. It’s essential to keep in mind that both resources are widely recognized as environmentally responsible.

In sustainability circles, liquid propane ranks among the green fuels sources and is modestly outpaced by natural gas with regard to low carbon footprint ratings. Fortunately for grilling enthusiasts, PGS models are adaptable.

When units are cart-mounted, it's common to take advantage of the base to store liquid propane tanks. These are easily refillable at gas stations, supermarkets, and other outlets. Liquid propane ranks among the most cost-effective cooking resources.

Liquid Propane also delivers clean-burning benefits that do not detract from the natural flavors of choice cuts and grilled veggies. Cart mounting PGS patio grills also allows management to move them and reconfigure spaces when guests arrive. In terms of community spaces, pedestal grills and cart-mounted units can be fixed to the ground for increased safety and security.

But a built-in barbecue grill, such as a Legacy model, opens the door to property managers and residents tapping into the property’s natural gas utility lines. Like liquid propane, this fuel source is also clean burning and cost-efficient. Perhaps the most substantial benefit of fixed natural gas resources is that the setup functions much like an indoor kitchen.

Simply utilize the matchless ignition system, grill delicious meals, and turn it off. There is no need to change tanks or break up the grilling process if one runs out of fuel. And with a shut-off timer in place, natural gas will not go to waste or pose a potential fire hazard if a grill is accidentally left on.

Living in a multi-family community can deliver enhanced quality of life benefits when the potential of common areas is maximized. A strategic development plan that includes a robust integration of stainless steel patio grills is one of the keys to an improved leisure experience.

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