Facts About Residential BBQ Grilling Pastime Match Enthusiasm

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Any discussion about homeowners enjoying their patio barbecue grill must involve both enthusiasm and facts. Preparing meals for the entire family on a residential BBQ grill has emerged as one of the great North American pastimes. In fact, a permanently fixed or portable propane grill typically prompts working families to cook an increased number of hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, veggie kabobs, and select recipes outdoors. While that may sound like pure enthusiasm coming from a stainless steel BBQ grill aficionado, consider the supporting facts.

  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a patio barbecue grill or smoker.
  • More than 70 percent of Canadians own a residential BBQ grill or smoker.
  • Americans anticipate grilling on holidays at the following rates: Fourth of July (68 percent), Memorial Day (56 percent), Labor Day (56 percent), Father’s Day (42 percent), and Mother’s Day (29 percent).
  • Upwards of 75 percent of residential BBQ owners plan to grill all winter.
  • A permanently fixed or portable propane grill remains the preferred fuel source at 61 percent.

While studies provide fact-based proof that portable and permanent grills remain wildly popular, data exists that goes directly to why everyday people love outdoor grilling. The following statistics indicate why grill enthusiasts get so much joy out of the endeavor.

  • More than two-thirds of people cook on a residential BBQ grill for the amazing flavor.
  • Approximately 45 percent of patio barbecue enthusiasts grill as a positive lifestyle choice.
  • Convenience prompts 33 percent of grill users to prepare meals outdoors.

Another 32 percent own a stainless steel BBQ grill, so they can entertain friends and family members, while 19 percent rank it as a top hobby. These and other statistics point to homeowners holding outdoor grilling near and dear to their hearts. However, the fact that 37 percent of homeowners are actively looking to purchase a new grill during any given year means too many people buy substandard patio barbecue grills.

Why An Industry-Leading Residential BBQ Matters

Patio barbecue ownership typically runs between 60-70 percent of all homeowners year-over-year. Many of the subpar products on the market today only last about five or so years before they require replacement. But given the persistent desire to participate in backyard grilling, proven health benefits, and enhanced flavor, it seems counterproductive to keep buying cheaply-made models. People who love preparing their foods on an open flame would be better served by making a one-time purchase of an industry-leading permanently fixed or portable propane grill that lasts a lifetime. That’s why so many have transitioned to the PGS A-Series and Legacy lines.

What You Need To Know About PGS Residential BBQ Grills

The industry-leading PGS residential BBQ grills are designed strictly for outdoor use, and models can be fueled by either natural gas or propane. A pedestal BBQ with lid usually runs on natural gas and is fixed in place. Only permanent grills can leverage natural gas lines, and many of these are employed in full outdoor kitchens. Statistically speaking, one out of every 10 residential BBQ grill owners invests in creating an outdoor kitchen.

That being said, PGS remains a quality leader because the components are made with high-grade stainless steel. These generally include burners, grates, and other parts. The base and lid will either be constructed with stainless steel or durable cast aluminum, depending on the model. While both provide determined protection from the elements, everyday people usually choose one or the other based on aesthetic preferences. However, cast aluminum does tend to be the more cost-effective option.

In terms of mounting preferences, the PGS A-Series and Legacy residential BBQ grills come with flexible mounting options. Permanent grills can be fixed directly into existing outdoor countertops or be the focal point of a complete outdoor kitchen design. One highly cost-effective way enthusiasts are gaining the outdoor kitchen experience is by using grill islands. The PGS Legacy line can be installed into an easy-to-assemble center island. The 67-inch Modano series residential BBQ island can be permanently fixed in place to connect with a natural gas line or house a portable propane tank.

Along with permanent grill opportunities, cart mounting options rank among the most prevalent option. This setup places the portable propane tank in the lower compartment, and many have wheels to increase mobility. Similarly, a pedestal BBQ with lid is often employed to maximize useable patio space. Those are some of the reasons why a PGS residential BBQ ranks as the best option for people who genuinely love the flavor, pastime, and experience. But to make an informed decision about which series and model to select, consider the facts.

Facts About PGS A-Series Residential BBQ Grills

It’s important to understand the A-Series patio barbecue grills come in two models, and each has an option that is either natural gas or propane compatible. The A30 models are followed by an “LP” or “NP” that correlates to the fuel source. Each generates upwards of 30,000 BTUs and delivers 330 square inches of grilling area. The A40 residential BBQ grills use the same lettering and generate upwards of 40,000 BTUs and 434 square inches of direct grilling space.

Both the A30 and A40 grills employ heavy-duty cast aluminum lids and basins with accompanying stainless steel internal components. Among the key reasons savvy grill owners select PGS, the matchless ignition, warming rack space, and complete parts availability allow people to stop replacing grills every 5 or so years.

Facts About PGS Legacy Grills Series

The Legacy line often tops grill enthusiasts’ wish lists because of the aesthetic attraction of the stainless steel BBQ grill and the ability to stand tall against the elements. The Legacy line offers three models — S27, S36, and S48R — each with a propane or natural gas option.

One of the driving reasons homeowners make this stainless steel BBQ grill line their preferred choice stems from accessories. Although constructed with incredibly durable stainless steel, the top-line accessory remains the infrared rotisserie burner. Supermarkets have attracted more customers because they offer delicious and convenient rotisserie chickens. That’s not just personal preference. It’s a marketing fact.

Having the ability to prepare whole birds, large cuts of beef, pineapples, or veggie kabobs on the infrared rotisserie burner is truly a game-changer for the backyard grilling enthusiast. The PGS Legacy S48R now offers the infrared rotisserie burner standard, making it the most cost-effective way to create an expansive outdoor kitchen with wide-reaching menu possibilities. Other facts about the Legacy line include the following.

  • Legacy Model BTUs range from 45,000 to 102,000.
  • The main cooking area ranges from 540 to 960 square inches.
  • Warming rack areas range from 200 to 355 square inches.

Like the A-Series, the Legacy grill line has replacement parts available and comes with a no-compromise warranty covering major components for a lifetime. PGS residential BBQ grills can also be deftly accessorized with a lift assistant and a fuel shutoff grill timer that prevents fuel waste and provides improved safety. The conventional wisdom of integrating a Legacy BBQ is that enthusiasts continue to expand their grilling season and menus.

Common sense dictates that it’s better to go big once by selecting a PGS Grill that lasts a lifetime of enjoying North America’s favorite pastime. After reviewing everything PGS grills offer, everyday people understand why their enthusiasm can become a backyard fact.

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