Get the Most of Your Patio with a Natural Gas Grill

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As a homeowner, you want to get the most out of your investment. For most homeowners, that means keeping the place in great condition and making improvements that boost the property value and the curb appeal. Of course, that’s a great way to hedge against future risk and instability while improving your everyday living experience. But most people also want to enjoy their home more by making substantial and affordable improvements that are as fun to use as they are a great addition to the property.

Possibly the best way to deliver greater value not only to potential future owners but to you and your family is by installing a built-in barbecue grill on your deck or patio. A natural gas grill on your patio is a great option for homeowners who have natural gas available as a utility, as most residential areas do.

Get the Most of Your Patio with a Natural Gas Grill

Everyone understands why a patio barbecue grill on the patio in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, is a great idea. Traditional barbecue grill makers market their products more aggressively, but they don’t tell you that gas bbq grills will last much longer, are easier to clean, and will cost you much less in the long run to own. Plus, once installed, it becomes a more or less permanent feature, adding value to your home for years- or even decades to come. A stainless steel bbq grill not only looks great, but it will be highly resistant to corrosion.

 The Benefits of Natural Gas

  • Natural gas is a readily available resource in most areas and is accessible to most homes in North America
  • Natural gas is inexpensive. It burns cleanly and efficiently without producing any dangerous fumes or ashes
  • Many, if not most, houses already have access to natural gas and pay for their gas in the monthly utility bill. Gas is commonly used to power various appliances like your kitchen stove or oven, dryers, water heaters, and the like
  • Some real estate developers, contractors, and home builders provide gas hookups as a matter of course in their development process. This means there is a good chance that it is already available for your backyard and patio
  • If you do have a natural gas line routed to your home, but lack a connection on your deck or patio, a natural gas access installation professional can install one for you and give you safe and easy access to your NG line
  • Once your natural gas line is connected to your grill, you’ll never have to worry about changing a fuel tank or disposing of empty fuel tanks, as you would should you choose to use a propane-powered grill

 Why Natural Gas Outdoor Barbecue Grills Are a Great Choice for Any Home

Having an outdoor barbecue grill on your patio is something every homeowner should strive for. As mentioned above, it can add a great deal of value to your home by providing readily available and reusable access to outdoor cooking. Your initial investment will provide you with years of affordable entertainment as well as better quality meals for you and your family.

Natural gas grills are installed permanently in place because your gas line/gas hookups are stationary. For many people, this feels like somewhat of a commitment. But in reality, the permanent natural gas hookup sets you free from unpleasant cleanup, the burden and the expense of buying, replacing, and installing additional tanks. Also, don’t forget, adding a natural gas grill is a great way to boost the resale value of your home.

Our gas grills come with a number of available mounting and installation options. The best mounting option for you will be based on the available space you have in the area where you wish to use your grill and the location of your natural gas line.

In most cases, the best installation option is to have your grill installed into an outdoor countertop. There are many sizes and material options for use on the countertop surface. The best countertop material for your grill installation is a simple matter of personal preference. You can choose any material or color that you think looks best.

Not every property has an outdoor countertop or the necessary space to add one. If this is the case with your home, there are other options that bring owning and installing a natural gas grill back within your reach. One great alternative is a prefabricated grill island. A sturdy island specially fitted for your grill, with a nice countertop and storage drawers underneath will transform your patio or deck into a full-service outdoor barbecue area. Your prefabricated grill island can be placed anywhere you like, provided there are gas hookups- which can be installed if necessary.

Another great mounting option for any sized grill is a grill cart. A grill cart is usually the same width as the grill, with the addition of the built-in stainless steel side shelves. They look sharp and an absolute pleasure to cook on. 

Another excellent option for some of the small to medium-sized grills is a pedestal mount. Pedestal mounts are the most cost-effective installation option and they take up the least amount of space. They can be built with stainless steel side shelves for added storage. This is an ideal option for a patio with limited space. As with our other models and installation options, there are high-quality grill covers available. These will keep your grill safe and secure in any weather. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that the gas line is securely protected from the elements and accidents inside of the pedestal itself.

These are all great reasons to choose a natural gas grill for your favorite outdoor recreation area. But, arguably the most important benefit is the fact that you can expect to save time and money over the long haul with a high-quality natural gas grill in your backyard. No longer will you have to buy charcoal or propane, haul them to your grill, dispose of and swap out empty containers.

Natural gas is cheaper and more convenient than most of the available fuel options. What better way to provide delicious barbecue meals for yourself, your friends, and your family?

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