Heat up Your Autumn Nights With Portable Propane Heaters

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With the exception of a few spots in Southern California, Florida, and Texas, the heat of summer is giving way to the chilly nights of late autumn in most of America, and winter will follow soon after. Soon the leaves on the trees will begin turning color, children will be hunting for treats, and our winter jackets will be coming out of storage. The good news is the AEI corporation has the tech to keep you toasty on the porch and patio, enjoying long evenings with friends and family: portable lp heater technology from the nation's leading manufacturers of gas-powered, infrared heating devices.

But a portable mushroom heater is good for much more than just heating the area near your front door and other residential outdoor spaces. These handy and useful portable heaters are a staple of restaurants, diners, cafes, and other such establishments that provide outdoor accommodations to their guests and patrons. There are many viable use cases and many practical benefits to having a high-quality portable lp heater on hand, ready to warm up the night any time you need it. What's more, as the chillier seasons progress, you'll be using your AEI mushroom-shaped outdoor heater for patio warmth to greet guests, gaze at the stars, and make chilly winter afternoons not so chilly after all!

Here, we will discuss the applications and the benefits of AEI portable mushroom heater units for residential use, in apartment settings, restaurant settings and so much more.

Two Lines of Portable Mushroom Heater for Every Home & Establishment

AEI carries two lines of mushroom heaters that can be portable if they are liquid propane (LP) models. These two manufacturers are the finest the industry has to offer. They are Sunglo and Patio Comfort.

What You Can Expect From Sunglo and Patio Comfort

Sunglo invented the mushroom-shaped propane-powered outdoor heater in the 1960s, and their name has been synonymous with these useful appliances since then. Sunglo's products are known for their durability, reliability, and for their high marks on style.

Patio Comfort has been in the business for over 45 years, bringing style and innovation to the industry. With their streamlined and stylish patio heaters, Patio Comfort has been serving families and businesses admirably for nearly half a decade.

Both heater lines, Sunglo and Patio Comfort, offer high-quality mushroom heaters.

Basic Facts About Sunglo and Patio Comfort Portable Mushroom Heaters

Mushroom heaters that run on liquid propane can be portable with the addition of a wheel kit. Because the propane tank is carried in the base of the heater, the heater can be completely portable. This makes it easy to reposition the heater and get warmth any time or place you need it.

Mushroom heaters can be portable because their fuel is self-contained in propane tanks hidden in their base. One of the most important benefits of portability is the unit can easily be stored in weather-proof storage or garage. Store your portable lp heater away when the weather is warm enough that heating is not needed, when rain or snow may be on the horizon, and during minor repairs and maintenance.

The propane tanks are hidden in the base of the heater, via a discrete cover that matches the finish of your grill, (stainless steel, antique bronze, jet/silver, black, etc). This attractive built-in container is sturdy and stylish. The Sunglo company first invented these nice-looking propane base tank containers, and the Patio Comfort company has made the most out of this iconic patio heater design feature.

One of the greatest benefits of propane-powered mushroom heaters is the fact that the tanks are easy to swap out and simple to purchase from gas stations, hardware stores, grocery stores, and elsewhere.

Sunglo and Patio Comfort also offer natural gas heaters, but these are stationary and contain no fuel tank. The natural gas version is an excellent complement to your heater collection. For large, heavily trafficked areas, we recommend installing a number of natural gas-powered heaters and use a handful of portable liquid propane heaters that can be moved around to fill in cold spots when and where they are needed.

We asked our returning customers how useful portable patio heaters really are. Their answer was, “Extremely useful!” After serving an eager customer base made up of homeowners, property managers, restaurant entrepreneurs, and much more, for more than 4 decades- we're used to hearing glowing praise about the many quality products we carry, and it never gets old!

Heater for patio - FAQs

Are natural gas heaters portable?

No. Natural gas and electric patio heaters have to be installed in a fixed position and can not be moved. This means you may not always be able to predict where you might need a heater in the future.

Can I reposition a propane heater?

Yes. Portable propane heaters can be moved around a patio-like outdoor location, and fill in any gaps between stationary heaters. This is why we recommend having at least one heater that runs on each fuel type, especially for outdoor dining areas. Portable heaters can be moved to outdoor locations where you didn’t expect to need heat.

What if I live in an area where natural gas is not available?

Propane heaters can be used at locations that don't have access to natural gas utility services. Most residential areas have natural gas available. Call your local utility provider and ask if a natural gas line can be routed to your location. If not, liquid propane is an excellent substitute since propane heaters can be used in locations where you couldn’t install an NG or electric heater.

Which is more powerful, propane or natural gas?

Both fuel types are equally powerful and are more than efficient enough to deliver a satisfying amount of heat.

Are propane and natural gas safe to use?

Yes. With proper usage, care, and maintenance these heaters are very safe and reliable. All of our products are built to the highest standards of safety and reliability. They are designed to be easily maintained and repaired with all replacement parts you may need. You will be provided with complete use, safety, and care instructions as well as top-quality customer service from our tech support staff here at AEI.

Which fuel type is more efficient?

Liquid propane, natural gas, electricity are all powerful, clean-burning, and cost-efficient fuel sources for heaters. While it is only reasonable that one must be more efficient than the other, we think you'll find that any measurable difference is negligible.

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