Infrared Commercial Heaters Improve Leisure Experience for Resort Guests

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Resorts that fail to provide extended-day opportunities are needlessly losing vacationers and their influx of seasonal cash. Without an outdoor heating system in place, travelers opt for places with warmer weather or amenities that allow them increased access to the outdoors. By contrast, those that deploy commercial heaters are enjoying repeat patronage while charging premium rates. That’s why resort owners and operators would be well served to invest in an infrared heater or series of strategically placed patio heaters.

Why Are Resorts Losing Guests and Revenue Needlessly?

To illustrate the point that resorts are not maximizing their revenue streams, consider the potential losses incurred by northern ski resorts and sandy beaches of all-inclusive destinations in the Caribbean.

Skiing Enthusiasts Want More Outdoor Time

The average cost of a ski resort stay reportedly runs between $180 and $720 per day. This includes rooms that cost upwards of $250 per night, ski lessons, food, beverages, and equipment rentals, among other expenses. At the end of an afternoon on the slopes, too many ski resorts rely on a blazing fireplace in the lodge to accommodate patrons. This scenario can be quite endearing for the first and even second day.

But a late lunch or dinner inside doesn’t distinguish these getaways from a staycation. Anyone with a fireplace can dial Uber Eats and stay in during a cold afternoon. The same holds true of a brightly starlit sky and a gleaming moon being far more attractive than sitting in a crowded common area. Spacing out patio heaters, on the other hand, allows couples and families to eat, drink, and bond in comfort while taking in the breathtaking snow-covered landscape.

Beach Resort-Goers Embrace Sunshine and Sea Breezes

People gravitate toward all-inclusive resort vacations because the experience tends to be hassle-free. With one swipe of a credit card, airfare, rooms, dining, and other amenities are handled. The average cost of a Caribbean vacation typically runs $700 for three nights. Luxury islands may charge upwards of $300 per night and that only raises the bar in terms of expectations. When couples and families arrive, the general expectation is they will experience maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

It may sound counterintuitive, but warm tropical islands tend to cool off relatively quickly as the sun sets. A 10-degree dip, coupled with a gentle sea breeze can send uncomfortable guests to their rooms early. This is precisely the experience many were hoping to avoid.

What they sought was sitting outdoors sipping delicious beverages while hearing waves crash softly in the background. When starlit skies are replaced by LED lighting, vacationers post poor social media reviews and try another resort next time. This scenario can be rendered avoidable by simply placing an overhead patio heater by the tiki bar or open-air seating areas.

It's important to understand that ski and beach resorts are not the only types affected by shortened outdoor usage. People who prefer to spend time at recreational resorts for golf and other activities also want to stay outside as long as the weather and temperature permit. They are perfect for an overhead patio heater system adjacent to the restaurant and lounge.

The same can be said for historic resorts or a dude ranch where people want to maximize comfort. An overhead patio heater can be tucked away in the rafters or ceiling to not detract from the architectural design of a given period. The point is that a well-placed infrared heater or system of commercial heaters can deliver the desirable warmth and comfort guests want. The alternative is losing valued customers to leisure industry competitors.

Infrared Outdoor Heating Systems That Offer Resort Guests Extended Day Comfort

The industry-leading commercial heaters from AEI Corporation are tailor-made for resorts. The line of infrared patio heaters offers standalone products, as well as an overhead patio heater option suitable for wide-reaching escapes. Decision-makers at resorts often discover the layout and design of outdoor and semi-enclosed fresh-air spaces drives the type of infrared heater that best serves guests. These are next-generation patio heaters that get the job done and keep vacationers coming back.

Patio Comfort Heaters

The Patio Comfort heaters run on liquid propane or natural gas and may be the most recognizable model in North America and the Caribbean. It is the iconic mushroom top heater seen on eatery patios and seaside dining decks. It’s also the most popular type of residential patio heater, bar none.

This model generates a robust 40,000 BTUs of infrared luxury that warms objects within its throw radius. Beyond the warmth and improved leisure experience, Patio Comfort heaters that run on liquid propane are portable, giving resort managers the flexibility to place outdoor patio heaters in spaces as needed. This line houses a liquid propane tank in its base and comes in stainless steel, antique bronze, silver, or a vintage design.

Sunglo Patio Heaters

The Sunglo line expands on the iconic mushroom head design by offering resort operators an opportunity to secure the units in place and tap into existing natural gas lines in addition to having portable propane heaters. It’s not unusual for insurance companies to lower premiums for the use of an outdoor patio heater system that cannot be toppled by romping youngsters or workplace accidents.

Like the Patio Comfort line, the Sunglo series delivers a strong 40,000 BTUs across a 12-foot throw radius. When installing these models on al fresco dining areas, they need only cover the seating in that range. It’s also essential to note that a cool breeze does not whisk away the warming comfort experienced by patrons. Infrared heaters warm objects, not necessarily the surrounding area. That’s why Sunglo’s fixed-in-place natural gas heaters and portable liquid propane heaters are excellent choices for resorts catering to skiers, beach-goers, golfers, or dude ranch.

Sunpak Patio Heaters

This line offers resorts the opportunity to strategically place an overhead patio heater in semi-enclosed spaces. The fixed infrared heaters can be attached to walls or ceilings and are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane. Selecting a black exterior design allows resort operators to blend them into the background, which makes sense for historical buildings and areas with a specific décor. They also come in stainless steel and models can generate 25,000 to 34,000 BTUs.

The Sunpak heaters are considered highly cost-effective and energy efficient and is CSA Design Certified. This makes them a darling for resorts that promote eco-friendly practices and a minimal carbon footprint. Sunpak heaters are typically used in open-air dining areas, beachside tiki bars, and ski resort patios, among many others.

SunStar Patio Heaters

The SunStar infrared heaters separates themselves from many others in their class with a two-stage delivery system. SunStar makes several heaters that can generate 24,000 to 35,000 BTUs and larger heaters that can generate 34,000 to 50,000 BTUs, both featuring tinted high-temperature glass, and available to run on liquid propane or natural gas. This protects the overhead heater’s elements from wind gusts and the seasonally severe weather found at many of the most attractive resorts. Its zinc-plated construction silicone powdered coating stands up to inclement weather in ways others cannot.

Infratech Patio Heaters

Infratech patio heaters are used in many resorts across the United States. Infratech heaters are our only electric-powered heaters. There is a wide variety of finishes, colors, and designs Infratech has to offer, including flush-mount frames and the Motif Collection. Infratech has a variety of sizes and different power outputs to accommodate any patio’s needs. Infratech also offers a wide range of heater control options including: scheduling, multiple heater control, smart control systems, and more.

Infrared Commercial Heaters Deliver ROI for Resorts

The use of infrared heaters at resorts results in satisfied guests who post positive social media reviews and plan a return visit. By contrast, resorts could have a series of blasé Yelp write-ups that indicate your guests are looking to book their next vacation elsewhere. That’s why investing in outdoor patio heaters delivers a return on investment on multiple fronts and the AEI Corporation models provide solutions for every conceivable outdoor space.


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