Infratech CD & WD Infrared Electric Heaters Get the Job Done

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Evening chills and cold weather months reduce the outdoor enjoyment of everyday people. Homeowners either put on heavy sweaters or hoodies as the sun dips below the horizon or retreat to indoor living spaces. And when autumn turns the leaves to rust, decks and patios grow uncomfortable. The same holds true of restaurant owners who begin to lose outdoor seating and generate less revenue as weather changes occur. These issues persist year over year, with few taking the initiative to correct the problem by installing eco-friendly electric heaters.

And even when the subject of infrared electric heaters is broached, too many community members become bogged down in the minutia. Some believe that only the popular mushroom head propane-fueled units are a viable option for residential settings. Many business owners feel they don’t have enough space to accommodate portable heaters. An infrared heater warms objects within its throw radius and even wind gusts do not affect people’s comfort.

That being said, residential and commercial settings with soffits, posts, sturdy walls, or overhangs, can support suspended heaters. These infrared electric heaters do not require a natural gas hookup or refillable propane tanks to operate at a high level. Those are true facts why infrared suspended heaters do not pose a fire hazard or take up valuable floor space are the solution.

How To Integrate Infrared Heaters To Extend Outdoor Patio Usage

Whether you are a homeowner determined to enjoy the starlit sky with a loved one or a restaurateur who wants to maximize seating and profit, infrared electric heaters require a certified electrician to complete a safe installation that meets local building code standards. Electric suspended heaters need a designated line and can typically be operated with wall-mounted controls. It’s generally a good policy to include a shutoff timer to eliminate unnecessary usage and wasted energy.

Taking proactive measures to extend the season and late-evening patio use also tasks property and business owners with selecting a product that covers the area with warming comfort. It’s important to consider the throw radius a product delivers in order to make the right choice.

Single element infrared electric heaters sometimes fall short of the expansive reach needed to keep everyone comfortable. By contrast, a dual-element infrared heater possesses the capacity to project across a deck or patio while remaining cost-effective. One of the keys to getting optimal comfort from suspended heaters involves strategic positioning. These are ways industry-leading infrared heaters can be placed to accomplish that goal.

  • Overhead: Suspended heaters can be secured to stable veranda overhangs. These open-air spaces have become increasingly popular. Many include outdoor kitchens, televisions, and extended use through infrared electric heaters enhances their quality of life enjoyment for the entire family.
  • Wall Mounted: It’s not unusual for outdoor restaurant seating to be full open air. Without an overhang, installation alternatives generally involve wall mounting a unit. Because eco-friendly electric heaters can be mounted to walls they are versatile. To maximize their benefits, a heating system can be designed with vertical or horizontal units.
  • Flush Mounting: In spaces with a limited overhead area, certain infrared heaters can be flush mounted. This type of outdoor heater mount also allows business owners to blend products into the ceiling without intruding on the interior décor or ambiance. Black heaters essentially disappear with the exception of the dual-element glow.

There are also creative ways to incorporate infrared electric heaters away from the existing structural supports of buildings. Organizations that host weddings and outdoor entertainment sometimes have posts placed at set intervals and mount outdoor electric heaters vertically. With an adequate and professionally installed power supply, industry-leading brands can deliver warmth and comfort to most landscapes.

Top Dual Element Infrared Heaters for Homes and Businesses

Dual element infrared heaters possess an expanded throw range that reduces the need for additional units in many cases. Being able to deliver warming rays across an outdoor living or business space saves money while extending daily and seasonal utilization. Saving money is yet another value working families and entrepreneurs have in common. That being said, the Infratech CD and WD series offer models that cost-effectively get the job done.

What the Infratech CD Series Offers

Infratech CD models all possess dual elements capacity and the four models offer home and restaurant owners specific throw reach. For instance, a 33-inch Infratech 3,000-watt unit delivers heat coverage over an 8- by 8-foot area. These suspended heaters are mounted between 7 and 9 feet overhead.

At the top of the CD line, a 61.25-inch infrared heater with a 6,000-watt capacity possesses expansive heat coverage of 11- by 14 feet. This suspended heater is usually mounted at heights of 10 to 14 feet. The essential difference in the Infratech CD line involves how far a model can reach people and objects. These are benefits each of the four models delivers.

  • Minimal Maintenance Costs
  • Zero to 60-degree Mounting Angle
  • UL Listed
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Appropriate for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Quartz Element Delivers Upwards of 5,000 Hours of Use

The Infratech CD line also comes in custom powder coating that includes White, Almond, Beige, Bronze, Gray, Copper, and Black. The CD infrared heaters also have a 2.5-inch, C-shaped profile and inset mounting brackets ideal for wall or ceiling mount applications.

What the Infratech WD Series Offers

In many respects, the CD and WD infrared heater lines are almost mirrored images of each other. The 33-inch WD model offers that same heat range at 3,000 watts. And the top-end WD model also hits 11 by 14 feet based on a similar installation height or distance. However, the W-shaped profile stands 3-inches tall, with mounting brackets located at each end of the heater. This aspect makes the Infratech WD line ideal for flush-mounted applications.

Infrared Electric Heaters Are Game Changers

Eateries reportedly increase their annual profits by upwards of 65 percent by adding outdoor seating, according to hospitality studies. That figure does not necessarily take into account the maximum usage restaurant owners could experience by installing outdoor infrared heaters. It’s also important to note that any installation and utility expenses the business incurs are typically rolled into the cost of entrées, appetizers, or beverages. Patrons are unlikely to notice — or care — that menu items went up by a few pennies because their dining and drinks experience improved.

Homeowners also see significant financial and leisure benefits from a smartly installed infrared heating system. An infrared heater system also helps improve property values, making it an excellent financial investment.

These fully-accessible spaces can be used earlier in the morning to meditate, do yoga, or simply relax over a warm beverage. At night, they become romantic spaces where couples can hold hands and converse under the stars. And in terms of extended annual use, late- or early-season cookouts and outdoor gatherings become part of family life. There’s simply no overstating the value everyday people gain from the peaceful enjoyment of fresh air and clear skies while being at home.

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