Mount Your Outdoor Grill on a Stationary or Portable Grill Cart

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Everyone who loves BBQ knows that the best way to get it is to have their own grill built for purpose. Of course, any grill will do the job. Even rusted-over grills at a public park or a dusty mini-Weber buried in the garage can fill the role. But if you want precision, quality, ease of maintenance, and a great-looking grill that will perform admirably for many years, you need a performance grilling system from AEI.

Gas BBQ grills are essential appliances for any home or multi-family building. For landlords and property managers running condo or apartment complexes, built-in outdoor gas grills are an excellent way to attract quality tenants, keep current residents happy and give their properties a significant boost in curb appeal.

For the owners of private family residences, built-in outdoor gas grills are the ideal way to bring family and friends together. It's a wonderful way for couples and parents to collaborate on large meals, and of course, it's an absolute necessity for summertime activities.

The AEI Corporation sells high-quality grills for any occasion, from large built-in outdoor gas grills to smaller portable grills. Here, we want to discuss options and tips on making your liquid propane grill portable using a grill cart, and why it's a great idea.

A Brief Guide to Portable Grill Carts

Portable grilling carts allow you to move your grill around as you like. You can move it to accommodate different activities. You'll be able to get it out of the way of work or other activities that could damage the grill, and you'll be able to store it away for the winter in as much safety and security as you can provide.

Grill carts are available for both natural gas (NG) and liquid propane (LP) powered grills, with advantages to each. They are available for all of the grill lines we provide, namely the A-Series, T-Series, and Legacy Series grills. Grill carts will work with and are available for grills of all sizes.

Advantages of LP & NG Grill Carts

  • Require much less space than an outdoor countertop
  • Grill carts come with varying storage capacity to suit your needs
  • Can be fitted with or without wheels to strike your preferred balance between stability and mobility

Advantages of LP Grill Carts

  • A propane grill on a grill cart with wheels is totally portable
  • Can be easily stored
  • Come in all sizes
  • The fuel tank sits out-of-sight, below your grill

Advantages of NG Grill Carts

  • Offer storage space beneath the grill, because fuel is pumped in not stored in a fuel tank
  • Use up minimal floor space
  • Never need to be refueled

NG Grills Work Best in A Fixed Position

Because NG grills need to be hooked up to a gas line that is provided by a local utility company, they must remain stationary in the position where they are used. For this reason, it is usually recommended to use a pedestal mount that is affixed to the ground or deck where the grill is installed.

With a natural gas grill mounted on a grill cart, you get some additional storage space beneath the grill, which can be very convenient. Natural gas grills can be mounted on a grill cart that is built-in, usually bolted to the ground by a contractor. The grill should be mounted over the NG fuel line or close enough to it that there is no danger of anyone tripping over it.

Liquid propane grills are ideal for use with grill carts since the propane tank is carried on board. This makes it easy to move the grill around, store it away, and the like. The one disadvantage is that the small amount of storage space that comes with an NG grill will not be available. Propane tanks are easy to swap out and easy to find at local stores and gas stations, but some grill storage is sacrificed to accommodate the fuel tank. A pedestal bbq with lid configuration is convenient and weather resistant.

NG Grills vs LP Grills

Despite popular belief, the difference between LP and NG is almost entirely in the way the fuel is delivered to your grill. LP comes in a tank that must be replaced, and NG is delivered via an in-ground connection. When it comes to efficiency, cost, and performance, these two fuel sources are nearly identical.

Some people believe that propane leaves a detectable flavor behind. However, experience shows that this is almost entirely a psychological effect. In other words, if you believe your BBQ will taste like LP, it probably will. The perception comes mostly through the names of these fuels. In other words, people believe NG is superior because it has the word “natural” in its name. In reality, they are both affordable, powerful, and clean-burning.

Other Attractive Grill Mount Options

Of course, there are multiple ways to mount, store, and use outdoor grills from AEI, of which grill carts are just one.

Pedestal Mounts

Pedestal grill mounts, for example, are great for small to medium-sized NG grills in situations where floor space is at a premium. They are especially useful for multi-family homes with an outdoor grill area that may need more than one grill, such as apartments or condos.

Prefabricated Grill Islands

Prefab grill islands are great because they give you an outdoor countertop to use while you prepare, cook, and serve your food. They are conveniently affordable, and they can be made semi-portable or built into a fixed position.

Custom Countertop

Grills mounted in a custom outdoor countertop are great because the aesthetic likely matches your property, and looks sharp. These countertops can be custom-built by you or a contractor. They can be designed to have any features you prefer. Best of all, they can be designed to incorporate a handy cover that will protect your grill during inclement weather. With some imagination and engineering, you can even install a portable LP grill into a custom countertop in such a way that it can be used with the counter or elsewhere.

Why Choose AEI Commercial BBQ

Every commercial bbq we sell is precision-engineered to be easy to use, easy to maintain and to deliver superior performance. Advanced safety features, such as our one-hour shut-off timer, ensure safety and are built to work flawlessly every time. Our grills come with control features that are deeply integrated with the internal components to make theft and vandalism much less likely to render your grill inoperable. Best of all, you get the laser-etched instruction panel that will never fade, ensuring that anyone can use the grill safely and correctly.

All of our grills are fashioned to be easy to maintain with a modular design so that you can replace any component as needed, and you'll find all the OEM replacement parts you could ever need on our website. When you buy AEI grills, you're investing in quality appliances that will serve you well for many years!

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