Propane & Natural Gas Heaters: Two Great Ways to Make the Most of the Season

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We're just a couple of weeks into the 2022 Spring season, and if you're like us, you have been scanning the weather reports hoping for your favorite kind of weather. But with an advanced outdoor heater from AEI, you don't need to wait, you can make great weather right on your own front porch.

Whether you are interested in expanding or improving a commercial, communal, residential, or another type of space, there are dozens of outdoor heater options to choose from. Here, we want to discuss the many ways you can use propane and natural gas-powered outdoor heaters to extend the nice times of the day and the nice times of the year for maximum comfort.

Propane & Natural Gas Heaters: Two Great Ways to Make the Most of the Season

Isn't technology wonderful? Modern patio heaters have actually been around for over half a century. Today, anyone can enjoy practical, powerful, and affordable patio heating that is safe to use all year long. 

Patio Heater Basics

Our heaters come in multiple shapes and power sources to suit any space or mode of use. The right heater for you will depend on the availability of natural gas in your area, the size and shape of the space to be heated, and the nature of the people who will be using the device.


As mentioned above, there are tall mushroom-shaped heaters and box-shaped heaters. Mushroom heaters should be placed centrally to affect a broad area. Box heaters should be positioned in a peripheral location and aimed at the area to be heated.

Power Source

We offer heaters powered by propane, natural gas, and electricity. All three fuel types are affordable, powerful, and widely available. In some rare cases, one fuel type or the other may be hard to find in a given area, but this is usually not the case. If natural gas is unavailable in your location, propane is likely to be easy to find, and vice-versa. However, in most locations, both will usually be readily available. You may need to contact your local utility provider to have a natural gas line installed.


Popular, powerful, and plentiful, commercial and residential propane heaters use liquid propane tanks stored onboard, making them portable patio heaters. You can buy or refill propane tanks directly from a provider, or you can find them at many local level gas stations and other retail outlets.

The great advantage of propane is that the heaters which use them can be portable since they carry their propane fuel tank onboard the unit. This makes propane-powered heaters able to be repositioned easily to deliver heat when and where you need it.

Another important advantage of propane is that your heater can easily be stored in a secure and well-insulated storage location. This can make care and maintenance much easier. If your heater should need repairs, you can perform the repair or part replacement in the comfort of a garage or other workspace. It may take some getting used to in order to operate the unit and change tanks on an outdoor portable heater, but once you know how to do it, it is simple. If you are installing a new tank for the first time, a technician may help.

Propane heaters can be box-shaped or mushroom-shaped. They can be mounted on a permanently fixed or mobile pedestal. They can also be mounted overhead or on a wall.

Natural Gas

Heaters powered by natural gas must be physically connected to a line that comes up through the ground. This means these types of units cannot be portable. The advantage of natural gas-powered heaters is that once they are installed, they are secure and easy to use. Simply turn them on and enjoy the heat.

Natural gas-powered heaters can come in mushroom or box shapes. They can be mounted on a pole, on a wall, or overhead. An overhead natural gas heater can be especially useful since it will warm a broad area and never be in the way.

Natural gas heaters must be in a fixed position because they are tied to your gas line. If your natural gas line does not appear where you want to install your natural gas heater, you will need to have an additional line installed. Of course, the portability and line access limitations can easily be overcome by adding a propane-powered unit to your collection. 

Natural Gas & Propane Brands We Carry

Here at the AEI Corporation, we proudly insist on carrying only models produced by the industry's finest manufacturers. We carry models produced by the following reputable and proven outdoor heater producers:

These companies are true pioneers in design, elegance, efficiency, and power in the patio heater market. They have set and adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance. Better still, they offer heater units that are great-looking and are sure to enhance the value and utility of any space where they are used or installed. 

We have been approached by many NG & LP heater manufacturers, but only these three companies meet our high standard of quality. Visit their product pages today to learn more about investing in the world's finest patio heaters.

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