Stay Comfortable This Holiday Season With Infrared Heating Systems: Solutions for Property Owners

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The holiday season and winter months are an ideal time to add heating elements both inside and outside for carefree, uninterrupted comfort. Whether you manage an apartment, condo, resort, vacation property, restaurant, or event space, you want to create an environment for your guests and residents that is warm and welcoming. Restaurants and event spaces can add valuable space outdoors for guests to gather and celebrate. Apartment and condo properties with communal spaces that include heating and grilling attract more residents. There are a variety of heating solutions on the market, each one offering an array of benefits.

Electric Heating Systems: Convenient With Fixed Placement

Electric heaters are a popular solution for many because they are convenient, reliable, and easy to operate. Electric heaters require professional installation, like the Intratech brand, and offer a no-worry permanent solution. Electric heaters do not require replacing fuel tanks, which may add to convenience not having to worry about acquiring regular replacements. If you have a large property to heat, electric heaters feature central control panels giving you total control to operate multiple spaces by turning the heat down or off in unused spaces.

Additionally, electric-powered heaters are also the safest way to heat your outdoor space. While natural gas and liquid propane products take the fuel source and use it to transfer fire into infrared heat, electricity doesn't. The Infratech electric patio heater line produces infrared heat and propels rays into the air to warm your guests and things in the surrounding space. They reliably warm up a space just as effectively on a windy night as they do on a calm one.

Electric Heating Systems Benefits and Advantages

  • Easy To Install And Use: Electric heaters are easy to install by one of our experts. The process is fast and easy. Once installed, these heaters are user-friendly for everyone, making them convenient for commercial properties with many different people operating them.
  • Safety First: With no open flames, no fuel tanks to replace, and no emissions of carbon monoxide, electric heaters are safer for enclosed or semi-enclosed areas, such as apartment balconies or covered patios.
  • Eco-Conscious Heating: Electric heaters are an environmentally friendly choice because they emit fewer emissions compared to others.
  • Space Efficiency: Electric heaters often come in a variety of designs and sizes, including wall-mounted, overhead mounting, which are perfect for smaller spaces where floor space is limited.
  • Weather Friendly: Electric heaters provide consistent heat outside in cold weather and even wind.

Liquid Propane Heaters: Portable Flexibility

The Sunglo, Sunstar, and Patio Comfort lines all offer liquid propane models. Liquid propane also referred to as LP is a clean burning fuel that is lightweight and stored in a tank that can be hidden inside the base of the heater. It is easily removed and replaced when needed. These models are portable and work well in outdoor areas where tables, chairs, and heaters are moved often to accommodate different-sized groups. They can also be stored away when not needed.This flexibility is perfect for outdoor spaces like patios, decks, event venues, and open dining areas where the layout changes.

Liquid Propane Heating Systems Benefits And Advantages

  • Robust Heating: Liquid propane heaters pack a punch and provide robust heat like no other, making them a great choice for open venues and larger outdoor areas.
  • Flexible and Mobile: Propane heaters are portable and are easily moved around which is great for spaces that require different layouts to accommodate varied groups and events.
  • Easy to Replace Tanks: Propane tanks can be visually hidden underneath the unit and when fuel runs out the tanks are easy to replace. This ensures the heaters can produce heat for extended periods of time.
  • Design and Ambiance: Propane heaters are not just functional, they are designed to complement the outdoor setting and add aesthetic appeal. Propane heaters are easily stored away when not needed.

Natural Gas Heaters: Permanent Efficiency

Top-rated brands like Patio Comfort, Sunglo, Sunpak and Sunstar are a great solution if you are looking for a permanent way to heat your space because they offer several different natural gas heating options. Natural gas heaters need a designated gas line to generate radiant heat instead of relying on flame-driven models. When properly positioned, infrared patio heaters don't expose customers and residents to open flame risks. Like electric heaters, natural gas heaters require professional installation, but they can’t be carefully moved around when totally cooled. They are usually installed on ceilings and walls, so they don't take up valuable floor space that could be used for customers and guests. Additionally, natural gas is a very efficient option, making it an ideal choice when constant warmth is needed for longer periods. Some research indicates that natural gas is more than three times more efficient than liquid propane and more cost-effective than electricity.

Natural Gas Heating Systems Benefits And Advantages

  • Cost-Effective Investment: While the initial setup required is an investment and more involved than others, natural gas is usually more affordable than electricity or propane, making it cost-effective for heating large open spaces.
  • Continuous Fuel Supply: Natural gas heaters are professionally connected to a natural gas line, and provide a continuous and reliable heat source without regular refueling like liquid propane.
  • Powerful and Consistent Warmth: Natural gas heaters are designed for large-scale heating with an impressively high heat output and are great for maintaining consistent and comfortable heat for very large outdoor spaces.

Selecting the Right Heater For The Holiday Season and Beyond: A Gift That Keeps Giving

The professional and expert team at AEI is here to help you select the best heating system for your property. The holiday season is a perfect time for you to expand your services outdoors for guests and residents looking for an open-air experience. An outdoor heating system provides exactly what you need to keep guests warm and happy for holiday celebrations and beyond.

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