The Benefits of Automatic Gas Shut Off Timers for Grills

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When the weather’s good, it’s natural to want to cook and eat outside and invite friends around to hang out. Holding a cookout or barbecue party should be fun. Everyone wants to relax and enjoy the food and the company, without having to constantly worry about grill safety. Even more importantly, property managers for apartments and condos and commercial space owners don’t want to be constantly interrupting the party to check if the grill has been switched off or spending their precious time worrying about it.

The good news is that all T-Series, top of the line commercial grills have a FuelStop® automatic gas shut-off timer as standard, and you can easily add a grill timer as an additional feature to other models.

But what is an automatic grill shutoff timer, how does it work, and what are the benefits of having one?

When you buy a T-Series commercial grill, you don’t have to worry about buying anything else to get this feature. Your gas shut off timer is already installed and ready to go. And if you don’t have a T-Series grill, it’s a simple matter to buy one.

While, of course, someone should be on hand to keep an eye on the grill at all times. There is still the possibility that someone will forget to turn a grill off, or they don’t turn it all of the way off. An automatic grill shut off timer ensures that honest mistakes like these don’t waste fuel or cause a potential fire hazard.

With a gas shut-off timer, you and your tenants have peace of mind. You can be sure that the gas shutoff timer will turn the gas off for you, leaving the grill safe and reducing fuel costs.

How does a gas flow shut-off timer work?

When you look at your commercial grill control panel, you’ll see another timer dial set for 60 minutes on the front of the grill. This is not a timer for managing your cooking, but a timer to control the gas supply if no one is there to switch it off when it’s not in use.

The gas flow shut off time on this timer is one hour, and it works for both natural gas grills and propane grills. When you look at the grill, you’ll be able to see the dial moving counterclockwise and counting back down from 60 minutes. Once the timer reaches the end of the countdown, the gas will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of continuous grill use.

That’s great if you’re all done with grilling, but if you’re not finished, and you still have a whole rack of steaks, burgers, and corn to cook, then all you need to do is take hold of the dial and turn the timer back for as long as you need. The timer can only go up to an hour, but you can turn it back repeatedly if needed, until you’re done with cooking.

It is far better if someone takes responsibility for the grill and turns it off when cooking is over, but we understand that sometimes things happen and that the grill may not be switched off when no longer in use. Your shutoff timer will give you, as a property manager, peace of mind and ensure the grill is safely switched off once the timer has counted down.

The benefits of using a quality gas shut-off timer

Fire safety and gas safety are extremely important when using a commercial grill and the best way to ensure both is to buy a T-Series grill with the gas shutoff timer already included or to buy a separate shut off timer and have it installed.

Once you have your shut-off timer, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • The gas shut-off timer is very easy to use. There are no complicated features, and all the chef has to do if they aren’t done grilling is to hold the dial and move it back to a maximum of 60 minutes to give themselves more time before the gas is shut off. Users can also do this more than once if needed.
  • Just like the grill itself, the timer is made from quality materials. In addition, the timer is simply made, though no less efficient, which means there is far less to go wrong, giving you a timer you can rely on.
  • Propane and natural gas are cost efficient but having a shutoff timer to take control after an hour means that far less propane and/or natural gas are lost on burning away even when the grill is no longer in use.
  • Automatic gas shutoff timers work by cutting the flow of gas off after 60 minutes of continuous use. While that doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t keep an eye on the grill at all, it does mean that everyone, including homeowners or tenants, cooks, and property managers can be sure that the gas is under control.
  • If these commercial grills are installed in places like apartments, multifamily homes, and condos, then this ensures safety for residents if anyone forgets to turn off the grill.
  • One of the main causes of accidents with grills is if users site the grill far too close to their homes or other buildings. With a gas shut-off timer, should a fire start when the grill is unattended, the timer will cut the gas off once the timer counts down, leaving far less to fuel the fire and keep it going. It also means that no one needs to risk their own safety to try and reach the grill and turn the gas off themselves.

When running a commercial space, including condos and apartment buildings, it makes sense to buy the right grill for the job, and investing in one of PGS’s top-quality grills will provide exactly the type of grill needed for long-lasting use and peace of mind over safety issues for both property managers and residents alike.

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