Prioritize Safety with Apartment Grill Shut-Off Timers

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Grilling is one of the most popular ways to cook food, especially in warm weather climates. More and more unique grilling recipes are available using grills to cook not only meat, but fruit, vegetables, and even pizza. Grilling is an enjoyable way to cook, and it also provides healthy, good-tasting food.

Commercial Grills for Apartments

Although grills are often installed in single-family homes, they can also be added to apartment outdoor community spaces for residents to use in warmer weather. Improving and updating apartment complexes' community spaces, with commercial grills, adds value to your rental property, and can be one of the benefits that prospective tenants are looking for. This means that you can fill open apartment units more easily, and retain current residents for longer periods of time by providing high-quality grills in your outdoor community spaces. Adding grills can make a difference in your rental vacancy rate and in reviews residents fill out.

Commercial Apartment Grill Safety

It's critical to prioritize safety and efficiency when installing a gas grill in any setting. However, when installing them in an apartment building's community spaces, safety and efficiency are paramount. Safety features lower your risk of damage due to accidents or carelessness saving you money on your property insurance. Keeping your residences' community spaces safe also encourages residents to use them more often, because they know they are safe.

One of the easiest features to install on gas grills can provide safety and lower the costs involved with using gas grills in an apartment setting in two ways. That feature is the addition of an automatic gas flow shut-off grill timer. A gas grill shut-off timer turns the gas flow off if it is left on after a specified amount of time. With this safety feature installed, you get two benefits. Your residents are safer when using the grills. And the gas is shut off more readily, saving you money on gas consumption and property insurance. There is less likelihood of any problems or fire hazards from too much gas in the air.

What is an Automatic Grill Shut-Off Timer?

Adding safety features to a high-quality gas grill used for an apartment community setting is just plain common sense. Promoting a safe community area for your residents creates a better place for them to live, and helps the grills become a successful addition to your apartment complex amenities. An automatic shut-off timer does exactly what its name implies. It shuts off the gas line powering the grill automatically. In other words, it stops the flow of gas from the gas line into the grill. And it does this at a specified time. A gas grill shut-off feature has an automatic timer that will shut off the gas after 60 minutes of use.

A gas shut-off grill timer isn't a replacement for a cooking timer. While a cooking timer helps you cook food for the preferred length of time, the gas-flow shut-off timer is specifically designed to shut the grill off after one hour for the purpose of safety. In a rental property setting, knowing the gas grills are shut off after one hour offers value to the property owner in the form of peace of mind. With the automatic shut-off timer installed, you know that no one can leave any grill turned on and unsupervised, wasting expensive gas and potentially causing a fire hazard for longer than 60 minutes.

How Does an Automatic Grill Shut-Off Timer Work?

A grill shut-off timer works by cutting off the flow of natural gas or propane to the grill after the 60-minute time limit. On the front of the grill, the timer looks like it's one of the knobs on the front of the grill that controls temperature.

If a user forgets to turn off the grill for any reason, the timer will only allow the grill to run for a maximum of 60 minutes. It doesn't matter why the user forgot to shut off the grill, they are assured that it is off. You might even find that the cost of your property insurance for the apartment complex is lowered due to the shut-off timer. It certainly proves that you are working to enforce fire safety.

Grill Shut-Off Timer - A Solution to Grill Safety

It's important that you buy a high-quality grill shut-off timer that will continue to work properly with heavy usage. The best product is:

Commercial-grade Automatic Grill Shut-Off Timers

The best shut-off timer is the one installed on every T-Series grill from AEI Corporation. This timer is a fool-proof, failsafe, 60-minute gas shut-off timer, installed as just one of the many safety features included in the T-Series grills. But if you are buying residential grills, this timer can be added. For those who need more time to cook than 60 minutes, there is a knob that you can use to increase your time.

T-Series Commercial Grills

T-Series Grills are designed for commercial use. In addition to the gas shut-off timer, they feature:

  • High-Quality Materials - T-Series grills are made from durable, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant materials which need minimal maintenance and maximize longevity.
  • Optional Accessories - These grill accessories include warming grill racks, stainless steel shelves, side burners, infrared rotisserie burners, attachable drawers, and more.
  • Choice of Fuel Type - T-Series grills have both propane and natural gas models. Both are inexpensive and work well with these grills. Which gas you choose may be dictated by your location and how accessible the gas is to your property.
  • Mounting Options - You can install all of the T-Series grills as built-in grills, mounted on pedestals, on a grill island, on a grill cart, or as a portable grill cart(propane only). These options are purely based on your needs, location, and preferences.

The Outcome of Adding Automatic Shut-Off Timers

By adding high-quality gas grills to your multi-family or apartment community spaces, you get the peace of mind of knowing that the gas flow will get shut off automatically after 60 minutes. You'll never have to worry about your tenants' carelessness or forgetfulness. If someone is using your grills, then is called to an emergency, you have reduced the fire hazard that can develop with a large gas build-up.

Your residents will get all of the benefits of an improved community space, be able to cook special meals outdoors and enjoy the weather. You will gain peace of mind, happy tenants, and safety for everyone. Grills with automatic shut-off timers are safe, and they are money-saving. You can be confident that you are providing the best possible solution for your commercial setting with T-Series grills with automatic gas flow shut-off grill timers.

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