The Mid-Sized Pacifica PGS Outdoor Grill Delivers Big Family Benefits

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Hard-working families deserve to spend their downtime among loved ones while enjoying the little extras life offers. One of the cherished experiences revolves around eating deliciously prepared meals hot off your patio grill. Sitting outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine surrounded by the hunger-stirring smells coming from an outdoor gas grill only heightens your leisure enjoyment.

While that description may paint a perfect family afternoon picture, too many homeowners buy subpar patio grills every few years. When an outdoor gas grill lacks strong materials and a superior design, those grilled menu options suffer from flare-ups and uneven heat distribution. That’s why it’s essential to select a stainless steel propane grill that provides a superior outdoor cooking experience. If you are like millions of people trying to decide on the best outdoor gas grill investment for your family, the PGS Pacifica model may be the perfect solution.

What Homeowners Need To Know About Pacifica Grills By PGS

The outdoor gas grills offered by PGS have an established reputation as industry-leading products. Each model has been designed and constructed to withstand the elements. A PGS outdoor grill can be accessorized, and replacement parts are readily available. These facets typically make them the last patio grill homeowners ever purchase.

In terms of a savvy investment, buying a PGS outdoor grill generally ranks among the best long-term uses of a family’s budget. Once a family member reviews the specs, accessories, and options of these trusted grills, the decision isn’t whether to incorporate them into backyard amenities. The only decision comes down to which PGS patio grill to select. That being said, these are fast facts about the Pacifica S36 and S36R grill models worth considering.

  • Size: The Pacifica outdoor grill is widely considered a mid-sized option that delivers the cooking space, accessorized, and BTUs necessary for successful use.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The outer lid, basin, and integral inside parts such as the burners and grates are all made with high-quality stainless steel. This distinguishes the Pacifica from many products that wear out in only a few years.
  • BTUs: The S36 model produces upwards of 67,000 BTUs, and the S36R can reach 80,000 BTUs. These ratings, along with consistent heat distribution, are considered exceptional.
  • Cooking Area: Both models provide 720 square inches of direct cooking grate space. Both also offer 260 square inches of warming rack space that can double as an in-direct cooking area. All told, homeowners get 980 square inches to work with under the lid.

The primary difference between the S36 and S36R options is that the latter can be accessorized with an infrared rotisserie burner. If your local supermarket or restaurant offers rotisserie chickens, you understand this upgrade can be a game-changer. People who select the S36R model typically utilize the infrared rotisserie to prepare thick cuts of beef, whole pineapples, pork roasts, and vegetables with a locked-in flavor.

It’s also important to mention that either Pacifica patio grill can be accessorized with side burners, storage drawers, beverage centers, and many other conveniences. The 39-inch Pacifica outdoor grill also enjoys mounting flexibility and can be fueled by natural gas or liquid propane.

Should You Fuel Pacifica Outdoor Grill With Propane Or Natural Gas?

One of the many reasons that everyday people choose a PGS outdoor grill above others stems from the fact they can have natural gas and liquid propane models. Like other PGS lines, such as the A-Series or T-Series, also offer separate models for each fuel resource. 

In terms of cost-effectiveness and clean-burning fuels, liquid propane and natural gas are both considered inexpensive and green friendly. The decision of which fuel to hook up to involves existing fuel lines, convenience, and availability. These are common reasons homeowners use one or the other.

Benefits Of Natural Gas

Homeowners who are already connected to natural gas lines can run a specific line to a Pacifica outdoor grill. This rolls in the cost of cooking on an outdoor grill into existing utilities. Using natural gas with a stainless steel grill requires homeowners to secure the unit in place. The commonly-cited benefit of natural gas is that you never have to change tanks or worry about running out of fuel.

Benefits Of Liquid Propane

Using liquid propane gives homeowners a degree of flexibility. Because liquid propane tanks can be housed in a portable cart base, the mid-sized Pacifica barbecue grill can be maneuvered as needed. This allows homeowners to reconfigure seating or roll the outdoor gas grill poolside on a sunny day. Liquid propane remains readily available at local stores and refilling stations. Many homeowners simply keep a backup tank to ensure they don’t run out while grilling.

One of the common misconceptions is that a stainless steel propane grill is limited strictly to portable cart-mounted options. The Pacifica allows property owners to secure propane-fueled grills in place as well.

Pacifica Outdoor Grill Mounting Options

Both of the Pacifica patio grill models offer homeowners a wide range of mounting options. Homeowners typically make their decision after determining whether natural gas or liquid propane makes the most sense for their use. If you move forward with a stainless steel propane grill, a specialized S36 cart ranks among the preferred options.

The S36CART is a 39-inch, 304-grade stainless steel portable unit that comes with a pair of foldable side shelves. These side shelves are widely regarded as necessary elements of outdoor grill usage. That holds particularly true of mid-sized grills and growing families. This specifically designed cart employs heavy-duty casters and is produced in the USA. The portable unit provides secure space to house a liquid propane tank in the base. It can be easily moved into a convenient location by rolling it on the sturdy cart’s wheels.

For those that fuel the Pacifica from a natural gas line or want to have it permanently fixed in place, the PGS patio grill offers great flexibility. These include the following.

  • Countertop Installation: Although a Pacifica patio grill is thought of as a mid-sized option, it works as an effective centerpiece of a robust outdoor kitchen. Many homeowners set the Pacifica in place with ample food preparation space around it and often employ side burners and storage space underneath. This option generally increases property value, and that makes it a sound financial investment.
  • Pedestal Mount: People with limited outdoor living space sometimes utilize slim pedestal mounts. These options maximize square footage and also keeps the grill fixed in place. The top-line benefit of a pedestal mount is that you can integrate a mid-sized patio grill using natural gas rather than struggle with an undersized unit.
  • Prefabricated Outdoor Grill Island: One of the reasons PGS remains a leading brand is due to innovation. The infrared rotisserie expanded grilling menus exponentially. The forward-thinking BBQ grill island allows homeowners to create full outdoor kitchens anywhere they choose without hiring a contractor. A DIYer can put together the prefab island. Some busy professionals hire a handy community member to assemble it and secure it in place. The center island provides ample storage and counter space. It has the room to house a liquid propane tank in the lower cabinet or run a Pacifica on natural gas.

Growing families typically exceed the parameters of small grills when friends and neighbors get together for a barbecue. The Pacifica provides the space, BTUs, accessories, and flexible use to meet your needs. PGS offers a complete line of grills and accessories to consider. Although the Pacifica ranks among the popular choices, it’s essential to choose the right patio grill for your needs.

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