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Multi-family properties teetering on disrepair face an uphill battle in terms of onboarding working families with good, steady incomes. That’s largely because there are close to a million new multi-family living projects under construction, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council. Many of these new community living environments will offer state-of-the-art services and amenities, such as commercial patio grills at the center of communal areas.

Given these are the most multi-family living builds in the last 50 years, landlords and property management organizations need to upgrade their outdoor cooking area with state-of-the-art liquid propane or natural gas grill. Fortunately, AEI Corp offers an industry-leading patio grill line that can remove the idea of relocating to a place with superior quality-of-life amenities.

Upgrade to PGS T-Series Commercial Patio Grills

Owners and property management firms that are not necessarily convinced that a high-quality natural gas or propane grill will be a game changer may want to consider their overwhelming popularity. Upwards of 80 percent of single-family homeowners in the U.S. have at least one outdoor patio grill. And, 70 percent of people living in multi-family units possess outdoor grills, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Those figures have increased significantly over the last 3-4 years. That being said, these are things decision-makers would be well served to consider about PGS T-Series Grills.

PGS T-Series Aluminum Grills

There are two aluminum patio grill options in the T-Series line — the T30 grill and T40 grill. Although all of the internal components are made of stainless steel, these commercial patio grills are deemed aluminum because of the materials used in the housing. They are built from heavy-duty cast aluminum designed to withstand intense weather. These rank among the subtle differences between a T30 and T40 patio grill.

  • T30: Generating 30,000 BTU, the T30 patio grill offers 330 square inches of direct cooking area. It comes with one stainless steel side shelf.
  • T40: With BTU levels as high as 40,000, this model offers 434 square inches of direct grill space. This option comes with two stainless steel side shelves.

Both the T30 and T40 have natural gas and liquid propane models available. The natural gas grills are typically fixed in place using a post. To avoid wasting fuel resources, both grills come with a one-hour automatic gas-flow shut-off grill timer. Considered relatively modest T-Series models, they are often installed in duplexes, as personal patio grills in condominiums, or at multiple locations throughout a community living landscape. When property owners and managers upgrade larger communal areas and gathering spaces — often with a robust outdoor kitchen — they usually select one of the three larger, stainless steel T-Series patio grill options.

PGS Stainless Steel T-Series Grills

The large PGS stainless steel commercial patio grills are often used to create outdoor kitchens or, at least, provide a place where entire families can gather to prepare meals. The quality of life benefit of being able to enjoy deliciously grilled menu choices in the fresh air has been something of a tipping point.

When renters, condo buyers, and others seeking the best facilities understand they will gain outdoor living benefits, the choice becomes obvious. If your current grill station isn’t up to snuff, or your multi-family facility doesn’t have a natural gas or liquid propane grill, PGS stainless steel grills deliver the following.

  • PGS S27T: This expansive commercial patio grill enjoys 540 square inches of direct cooking area over 304 stainless steel cooking grids. It comes with state-of-the-art self-cleaning grates and generates 45,000 BTU.
  • PGS S36T: Offering 720 square inches of grilling surface, self-cleaning grates, and an optional warming rack, this model delivers 67,000 BTU. It can be deployed as the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, typically installed into a countertop.
  • PGS S48T: With 960 square inches of direct grilling surface and 90,000 BTU, the S48T remains an ideal choice for comprehensive outdoor kitchens and places where residents gather over food and beverages.

It’s essential to understand that all three stainless steel commercial patio grills have natural gas and liquid propane versions for each model. Each can be outfitted with a secondary rack to keep food warm or for indirect cooking. Decision-makers who choose one of these extensive stainless steel models also gain the benefit of anti-theft knobs, matchless ignition, laser-etched user instructions, side-mounted heat indicator, and an automatic gas-flow shut-off grill timer. Along with a 5-year parts replacement warranty, these T-Series patio grill models can be installed into prefabricated grill islands.

T-Series Mounting Options Benefits

Choosing multi-family grills involves thinking through where and how you will mount your patio grills. A T30 and T40 patio grill can be cart-mounted to leverage liquid propane. When used in conjunction with a moveable cart, the tank is typically housed in the base. To take advantage of existing natural gas, the T30 and T40, as well as the larger commercial patio grills, must be secured in place. The T30 and T40 are often installed on a slim pedestal grill mount. This strategy maximizes usable square footage in sometimes intimate outdoor patios.

The stainless steel commercial patio grills — S27T, S36T, and S48T — can also be fueled by liquid propane. A designated line, or a tank stored within the outdoor grilling station design, serves equally as well as natural gas. Many property owners and managers prefer to have a natural gas line run directly to the unit. Natural gas lines eliminate the need to refill and swap out propane tanks, which saves time.

Perhaps the most popular way to install a stainless steel PGS patio grill involves using prefab grill islands. A Modano series BBQ grill island can be assembled and secured in place in a single afternoon by someone with basic tool skills. Going this route avoids the cost of hiring a contractor while accomplishing the goal of delivering an expansive outdoor kitchen. That’s primarily because the prefab grill islands come with ample counter space, drawers, and storage areas.

PGS T-Series Grills Offer Superior Safety

The thought of unsupervised multi-family grills can cause property owners and managers some consternation. Unassuming residents can touch hot grill lids, believing they are unused and cool. In some cases, grill users make mistakes or strain themselves when raising the wide lids of stainless steel patio grills. The specialists who designed the PGS T-Series had a keen eye on user safety. These are components that put safety concerns to rest.

  • Automatic Gas-Flow Shut-Off Grill Timer: This fuel control ensures the T-Series patio grill will power off within 60 minutes.This feature comes standard on every T-Series grill we make. The grill timer prevents wasted fuel and potential safety concerns. 
  • Emergency Gas Shutoff: This device can be installed to immediately shut down the natural gas line in the event of an emergency.
  • Laser-Etched Instructions: Even novice grilling enthusiasts won’t make a mistake because the T-Series has step-by-step instructions etched directly into the model.
  • Lift-Assist Handle: This option dramatically reduces the effort required to open and close T-Series stainless steel commercial patio grills. It supports individuals who might otherwise have difficulty using the patio grill.

People already expect fitness centers and manicured grounds as standard options. The use of multi-family grills to draw preferred residents continues to drive the industry. The hard cast-aluminum and stainless steel commercial patio grills T-Series models are designed to be the last model property owners and managers ever need to purchase. The investment delivers an excellent return in terms of attracting good people.

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