Are Stainless Steel Grills A ‘Must’ for Multi-Family Developments?

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Upwards of 27 percent of Americans live in condominiums, apartment complexes, or some form of multi-family community, and that number continues to rise. In order for development owners and property management companies to attract peaceful residents with secure incomes, amenities such as stainless steel patio grills are essential.

Recreation centers, pools, and manicured grounds are now considered “basic” aspects of community living. Today’s renters are willing to pay more than a little extra for value-added perks that include natural gas or propane grills on their patios or in common areas. If you own or operate a multi-family residential living development, installing stainless steel grills could attract desirable high earners.

Benefits of Installing Patio Grills at Apartment & Condo Complexes

The benefits of preparing foods on top-tier natural gas and liquid propane grills are well documented. Grilling over an open flame locks in the juices and flavors of choice cuts of beef, chicken, burgers, vegetables, and kabobs, among others. The difference in taste makes grilled meals superior to those prepared on an indoor stove using pots, pans, and cooking oils. Grilling food on patio grills also increases nutritional retention at a better rate. These are other benefits liquid propane and natural gas grills provide condo and apartment residents.

Heat Distribution

Industry leading stainless steel grills deliver robust BTUs across the grates in an even fashion. The best patio grills use state-of-the-art components and systems to minimize flare-ups and maximize consistency. The result is deliciously grilled meals.

Low Maintenance

Quality stainless steel grills require only minimal maintenance and upkeep. The best patio grills have self-cleaning elements, and the durable stainless steel lids can be easily wiped off. Installing patio grills in gathering spaces does not necessarily add to the facility’s maintenance budget expenses.

Sense of Community

Installing stainless steel grills in communal areas gives residents an opportunity to build fellowship. When people come together and break bread, so to speak, they organically become better neighbors. Although not necessarily a quantifiable benefit, happy residents buoy a positive community reputation via word of mouth. That leads to a waiting list.

Are Natural Gas & Liquid Propane Grills Environmentally Sustainable?

Property owners and management companies would be well-served to consider the environmental impact when integrating new products and amenities. When organizations embrace sustainable practices and products, clients, customers, and renters are more inclined to show support.

In the multi-family housing sector, that support typically translates to a willingness to pay higher rents and homeowners association fees. Liquid propane and natural gas grills can be counted among the environmentally sustainable practices and products for these reasons.

  • Burning natural gas produces fewer emissions and air pollutants than coal or petroleum products, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  • The 1990 Clean Air Act lists propane as an approved source of clean energy because it emits lower levels of carbon dioxide than many other fuel sources. Propane does not release sulfur dioxide, methane, and other waste.

Renters and condo residents largely considered environmentally friendly products and policies “nice” less than a decade ago. Surveys now indicate the majority of people choosing a multi-family community consider the commitment to sustainability a “must.”

Are Stainless Steel Grills for Apartments/Condos a Good Investment?

There are more than 74 million Americans living in multi-family settings and the current housing shortage has spurred numerous new developments. Although the laws of supply and demand would seem to favor current property owners, the competition for peaceful tenants with secure careers continues to grow. Those without standard amenities and value-added extras such as patio grills are likely to see people with mid-level salaries and credit scores apply.

Settling for lower rents and less-than-reliable occupants seems counterintuitive regarding capital investments. Installing stainless steel grills on personal patios and common areas is usually a tax-deductible business expense. And the associated costs can be passed along through rents and HOA fees. Purchasing and installing grills for apartments/condos allows property owners to turn a profit after the upfront cost is paid off. So, yes, stainless steel grills are an excellent investment.

What are Industry Leading Stainless Steel Grills?

The ideal use of stainless steel commercial grills involves placing them in common areas. The practical wisdom surrounding this strategy is that it provides residents with an opportunity to gather and grill in the fresh air. This typically leads to planning family get-togethers, holding birthday parties, and celebrating select holidays throughout the year.

It’s not unusual for property owners and management firms to upload a grill use schedule to the community’s platform during the peak summer grilling months or install stainless steel grills at a variety of locations. In terms of selecting commercial stainless steel grills, the PGS T-Series from AEI remains the industry leader.

PGS T-Series Stainless Steel Grills

When you purchase a T-Series commercial grill from AEI, you get a reliable Made in USA natural gas or propane grill with the capacity to endure harsh weather. The PGS T-Series is renowned for its even heat distribution, low maintenance, safety features, and mounting options, among others.

These large commercial patio grills are a seamless match for multi-family communities because they possess the durability to handle high-traffic use. Each model can be fueled with natural gas or liquid propane, depending on availability and mounting. These PGS S27T, S36T, and S48T, provide expansive grilling areas and deliver the following benefits.

  • Mounting Flexibility: The PGS T-Series patio grills can be cart-mounted for mobility, installed into a countertop or a prefabricated grill island.
  • Fuel Economy: All of the T-Series models come with 60-minute shut-off timers to ensure fuel is not wasted.
  • Rotisserie Burners: Infrared rotisserie burners are available to take menu options to the next level. Residents will be able to cook entire chickens, thick cuts of beef or pork, roasts, whole pineapples, or tasty kabobs.
  • Safety First: The T-Series patio grills come with laser-etched directions and anti-theft knobs. They can also be outfitted with lid assist devices, external temperature gauges, and matchless ignition, among others.
  • Low Maintenance: The 304 stainless steel cooking grids are considered a self-cleaning perk. Maintenance staff can simply turn them over when they cool, and they will clean themselves.
  • Built-In Options: Many property owners install PGS T-Series grills as the focal point of an outdoor kitchen. These stainless steel grills can be accompanied by a number of built-in options including side burners, beverage centers, warming racks, and drawers, among other customizable elements.

PGS T-Series patio grills that are mounted on moveable carts house liquid propane tanks in their base. Those that are fixed in place can also use propane, but many serve as natural gas grills as well.

Perhaps the difference between PGS patio grills and other commercial models is the customer commitment. These high-quality stainless steel grills come with a full 5-year parts replacement warranty and support. Commercial property owners who purchase T-Series models discover they are the last patio grills they’ll ever need.

The state of the housing market seems to put multi-family property owners in an enviable financial position. The decision to upgrade a development with attractive perks, such as stainless steel grills, can result in a race to the top. There’s no reason not to invest in top-of-the-line commercial grills when the initial cost gets passed along.

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