Upgrade Your Barbecuing Game with a Grill Island

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Does your commercial patio grill have enough space? Is there room to keep utensils handy, store grilling supplies and hold the plates full of delectable burgers or steaks your tenants are about to carry to the table? If your barbecue workspace is feeling cramped, it’s time to consider a grill island.

The Right Grill Island May Be Hard To Find

A grill island makes outdoor cookery easier in every way. It organizes everything from spatulas to grill scrubbers to skewers. When you’re in the middle of preparing the perfect feast, you don’t have to worry about where to find things or where to put them. The problem is, how do you locate the grill island that’s just right to fit your commercial grill?

One solution is to custom-build an outdoor kitchen. These are valuable amenities that add to the resale value of a home or multi family residences, but they can be costly and stressful to construct. There could be the hassle of dealing with a contractor and pulling permits. The process might be fraught with delays that take months and render your bbq area useless and an unusable mess for that entire duration.

Some ambitious property owners tackle the outdoor kitchen as a DIY project. While that’s certainly not impossible for the person who’s handy enough, it does take some skill in areas such as carpentry, masonry, and plumbing. It also requires resourcefulness to deal with unexpected problems that crop up along the way and the big expenses that come along with that.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. A pre-built grill island designed specifically for the grill it surrounds is easy to put together. In addition to the ease of obtaining a grill island and being able to install it the same day, apartment complexes and multi unit housing can use grill islands on their communal patio rooftops because the weight of a grill island is much less than outdoor stone countertops. Residents can be flipping burgers within a day or two.

Sleek and Modern Grill Islands: Ideal for Everyday Grilling

There’s a way to avoid the hassle and uncertainty of constructing an outdoor kitchen. A way to spend your days raising your property value is not overseeing an ongoing construction project. It’s to opt for an AEI Gensun grill island that’s specifically manufactured for AEI Corporation's PGS grills.

With this solution, you don’t have to worry about who’s going to do the work or how long it’s going to take. You can skip the difficulty of vetting and selecting contractors or the time and expense of doing the job yourself. You don’t have to worry about whether your contractor is going to show up and finish the job. You needn’t fret over whether you have all the skills to complete the project or over how many of your evenings and weekends the job is going to take.

AEI has been building quality grilling products for more than 40 years. Our grill islands are sturdily constructed and come with warranties of up to 15 years for the frame and structural components. Not only is a Gensun BBQ island sturdy and reliable; it’s also no problem to set up, so you can get those grilling sessions going right away.

Enjoy This Season’s Cookouts with a Gensun Grill Island

Gensun grill islands are especially made to work with PGS grills. These islands, the Modano 57 and Modano 67, perfectly fit PGS’s Legacy line of outdoor grills. Your residents won’t have to fret about the grill doing its part. Your grill and outdoor kitchen island will perform day after day and year after year just the way you expect them to.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction

These grill islands are weather resistant and durable with welded extruded aluminum frames. The stamped doors and the back and side panels are constructed of cast aluminum. All the hardware is long-lasting stainless steel.

The frame and structural components are warrantied for 15 years (5 years for commercial or multi-family use). The units feature a powder coat finish that carries up to a five year warranty (two years commercial), and the cabinet parts and accessories have a one year warranty.

Grill Islands Offer Generous Spaciousness

There’s no shortage of workspace or storage space with a Gensun grill island. Start with the countertops. They’re thoughtfully positioned on both sides of the grill. Grillmasters can put uncooked items on one side and ready-to-eat foods on the other or use the abundant space in any way that feels convenient. The countertops themselves are of attractive cast aluminum and overhang by an inch and a half to protect the cabinets from spills.

The cabinets have plentiful storage space. Even if you’re using a liquid propane grill and need part of the underneath real estate for a tank, there’s still sufficient room to keep pots, pans, grilling tools and dining supplies secure and dry. If you’re hooked up to the home’s natural gas line, there’s even more available room.

Some other grill islands fix the drawers and shelves in place, but that’s not the case with the Modano. Drawers are removable for easy cleanup. If your steak seasoning gets knocked over and spilled, it’s a simple matter to pull out the drawer and take care of the mess.

Keeping It on the Level

A cooking or prep surface that’s at a tilt can put a damper on the joy of barbecuing. This can be a major bugaboo for home-built outdoor kitchens, where leveling an uneven patio might add severely to the cost. On the other hand, the Gensun kits come with one-inch adjustable legs that make it possible to set up a grilling station that’s as flat as it can be which make it such an attractive option for multi-family residences and commercial use. A level patio grill is more than an aesthetic consideration; you risk uneven flame distribution and uneven cooking when the grill and island are off-kilter.

Upgrade Your Barbecuing Game with a Grill Island

The better the patio grill set-up you have, the more residents will want to use it, and move into your units. A standalone grill can certainly provide a lot of enjoyment, but a PGS Legacy grill ensconced in a Gensun grill island takes the cooking and eating experience to the next level.

A grill island puts everything that’s needed right at the chef’s fingertips. For the novice BBQ cook, it simplifies the experience and makes it all that much easier to turn out burgers and steaks that have everyone clamoring for more which will make any communal commercial bbq space more elevated and attract more business.

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