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Nothing says sleek and modern like stainless steel appliances. Your inside kitchen is filled with gleaming, shiny cooking solutions and your outside should be, too. At AEI Corporation, we offer grilling solutions in stainless steel that are perfect for single-family and multi-family situations. Every patio deserves the finest in stainless steel outdoor barbecue grills.

Legacy Outdoor Grills

Legacy outdoor grills by PGS are as durable as they are beautiful. They are made of very high-quality stainless steel that is designed to survive the weather and look sharp doing it.

A Legacy stainless steel bbq is versatile in your outdoor space. Some models are at home on a portable cart and others can be used on top of a permanent pedestal mount or in a built-in masonry surround.

Legacy Grills are the finest backyard grills you can buy.

PGS Legacy S27

The PGS Legacy stainless steel grill S27 is a 30-inch, 45,000 BTU grill with stainless steel burners, "sure start" battery-operated ignition, and 540 square feet of cooking area. The Legacy S27 is available in liquid propane or natural gas systems.

PGS Legacy S27R

The PGS Legacy grill S27R is a 30-inch, 57,000 BTU grill that includes two stainless steel burners and an infrared rotisserie burner. It has a heavy-duty cooking grid system, stainless steel rock grates, and the "sure start" battery-operated ignition system.

This grill has an optional stainless steel cart for the ultimate in portability and can be purchased in natural gas or liquid propane formats.

PGS Legacy S36 Pacifica Grill

The PGS Legacy Model S36 Pacifica Grill is a larger model coming in at 39 inches and has a long list of accessories available. You can add side burner kits, rotisserie spit, infrared rotisserie burner, beverage centers, heavy-duty grill covers, and more to the S36 grill. This grill comes in at 67,000 BTUs with ceramic rocks and flare guard rock grates.

This grill can be added to built-in masonry or mounted on a portable stainless steel cart or on a permanent pedestal mount. The portable option is for liquid propane models only.

PGS Legacy S36R Grill

This gourmet grill model is a powerful model that comes with a 12,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner and a rotisserie kit. Its 39-inch profile gives you 720 square inches of space in the main cooking area.

The PGS Legacy S36R can be used as a built-in grill or a portable grill with natural gas and liquid propane options.

PGS Legacy Grill S48R Big Sur

The PGS Legacy stainless steel grill S48R is a beautiful and powerful stainless steel grill. The Big Sur is a 51-inch model that can cook for your family or for a crowd. This 102,000 BTU model features four main stainless steel burners and an infrared rotisserie burner and rotisserie kit.

There are many wonderful add-on accessories for the PGS Legacy Grill S48R including side burner kits, beverage centers, storage drawers, or a Gensun BBQ island.

The Big Sur can be used with a portable stainless steel cart or inside a masonry enclosure. It is a top choice in a stainless steel natural gas grill or a stainless steel liquid propane grill.

Every Legacy Grill model comes with a "no compromise warranty" which includes lifetime protection on many of the components and the best support and outdoor grill parts available in the business. Legacy stainless steel grills are the premier option for backyard cooks who specialize in making meals on the grill or want to learn more and perfect their grilling game.

PGS T-Series Grills

The PGS line of T-Series Grills is the perfect choice for multi-family situations. These grills are top-notch for community pool decks, apartment complexes, and vacation resorts. The T-Series Grills stand up to constant use while looking great in the common space. The T-Series grills all come with an automatic 60-minute fuel shutoff grill timer standard. 

PGS T-Series Grill S27T

PGS Model S27T is a stainless steel commercial grade grill. PGS designs all of its commercial-grade grills to stand up to heavy, daily use. This grill also comes with an impressive safety feature, the PGS Fuelstop one-hour gas flow timer. That means this grill will never be left on all night.

Other impressive community features include laser-etched directions onto the grill and theft-resistant knobs. It boasts 540 square inches of cooking surface and stainless steel grates that are easy to clean. The S27T is available in natural gas or liquid propane.

PGS T-Series Grill S36T

PGS stainless steel S36T grill features 67,000 powerful BTUs and 720 inches of cooking surface. It also has the PGS Fuel Stop One Hour Gas Flow Timer. If the last chef forgets to turn this grill off, it will automatically turn itself off, saving fuel and eliminating a potential safety hazard.

This model also has laser-etched directions that never fade or get lost and anti-theft knobs. The S36T is available in natural gas or liquid propane.

PGS T-Series Grill S48T

The S48T is a large, powerful stainless steel commercial grill. It measures 51 inches with 960 square inches of cooking space. It clocks in at 90,000 BTUs with stainless steel cooking grids and grates.

This workhorse grill has the PGS FuelStop One Hour Gas Flow Timer that ensures it will never be left on indefinitely. The instructions are permanently lasered onto the control panel and the special knobs are designed to foil thieves. It is available in natural gas or liquid propane models.

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