Homeowners & Home-Builders Reap Benefits From Built-In Barbecue Grills

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Maximizing the quality of life enjoyment of any single-family home requires a smart architectural design that delivers the best possible use of the entire space. That concept is widely accepted by contractors who build houses as well as the families that live in them, and real estate professionals who list residential properties. Yet it’s not uncommon to omit key amenities from the drawing board, through the construction phase, day-to-day life, and even when it’s time to sell. One of the top items that homeowners desire is having a built-in barbecue grill included in the backyard patio. However, this key lifestyle and selling point continues to be an afterthought.

It seems uncanny that many contractors relish the use of permanent grills on their own decks, patios, and verandas, but don’t consider installing a residential BBQ grill or even including an LP grill in the blueprints. Home-building contractors who want an edge would be wise to include a natural gas grill in every single-family home. And the real estate professionals who list properties for everyday families may want to urge them to install permanent grills before they go on the market. A built-in barbecue grill can mean the difference between a timely sale, getting the full asking price you want, or having potential buyers weigh the home equally against others that also lack outdoor luxuries. Whether you are a builder, real estate agent, or homeowner, these are reasons why a Legacy grill can make a significant difference.

Why Contractors Should Consider Installing Permanent Grills

It’s no secret that the home-building or more aptly put “home selling” industry continues to be highly competitive. Today’s home buyers have high expectations about space use and the inclusion of premium amenities. Contractors are tasked with checking off as many as possible to ensure a high return on investment rate for spec homes. Enticing layouts and designs are also necessary to bring in build-to-suit clients. Perhaps the biggest challenge is understanding broad demographic desires and finding common ground.

Millennials are dominating the housing market, and this demographic has some very different ideas about living environments than previous generations. Many younger home buyers expect amenities that include smart technology. Automation and state-of-the-art appliances are also considered drivers for this group. Baby Boomers remain significant players in the housing market as well, and many are looking for that perfect retirement home that maximizes their quality of life. And, Gen Xers also have an eye on retirement and home luxuries. One of the things all of these demographics have in common is enjoying outdoor living, and that means a residential BBQ grill ought to be standard practice.

By crafting an outdoor space that makes an LP grill or natural gas grill its centerpiece, contractors are actually offering a fresh-air kitchen and second dining room. What could be a more expansive use of living space than having the option to prepare meals and dine indoors or outside?

People all over the country are thinking about ways to make their deck, patio, or veranda a more robust part of their homelife experience. Regardless of how experienced or well respected your company is in the home-construction industry, a single-family property layout that includes a built-in barbecue grill will always have the edge over one that does not.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Installing A Built-In Barbecue Grill

Buying a single-family home often marks the largest purchase working people make in their lives. It’s a long-term investment in terms of financial obligation and lifestyle. First-time buyers often make small compromises with regard to space, design, and outdoor usage. The conventional wisdom is that you’ll circle back and make upgrades and improvements. That is certainly a reasonable approach for hard-working families on a budget.

But one of the critical things families on a budget discover is that home improvements come at a cost, and some provide a better quality of life experiences than others. And from a financial standpoint, some home investments improve property values more substantially than others. Given the robust use that an upgraded patio provides, a built-in barbecue grill is a sound use of your home budget. It undoubtedly makes life better now and helps secure a top offer when you decide to sell. The question for both homeowners and contractors alike is how to create a patio that is the equivalent of an outdoor kitchen that maximizes your return in investment.

Industry Leading Legacy Grills Deliver Maximum Benefits

It’s essential when creating a top-tier outdoor living space to work with only the highest quality products. Just as Millennials are driving the housing market with Smart technologies and energy-efficient indoor items, PGS grills are considered the gold standard of outdoor cooking. While the PGS line has a wide range of options, the Legacy grills may be best-suited for permanent kitchens. These are the reasons why Legacy grills can deliver the quality of life benefits and maximum return on investment contractors and homeowners’ desire.

  • Can be Installed into an Outdoor Countertop
  • Can Be Permanently Mounted in a BBQ Island
  • Can be Coupled with a Beverage Center
  • Side Burners can be Installed into the Outdoor Kitchen Setup
  • Matching Stainless Steel Double Drawer Unit Optional
  • Legacy Grills Models can Utilize LP or Natural Gas
  • Stainless Steel Grates
  • Ceramic Briquettes for Even Disbursed Heat
  • Stainless Steel Construction Withstands Inclement Weather
  • State-of-the-Art Accessories Include Infrared Rotisseries
  • 60-Minute Shut-Off Timers Increase Safety & Fuel-Efficiency
  • Matchless Ignition Comes Standard on Legacy Grills
  • Legacy Grills come with Lifetime Warranties
  • Legacy Grills Available in 30-inch, 39-inch, and 51-inch Models

The Legacy Grill has emerged as a leader in residential BBQ installations because the model reflects the next-generation quality that so many Millennials, Baby Boomers, and others want from a luxury outdoor living space. This line delivers between 45,000 and 102,000 BTUs, depending on the model. That level of evenly distributed heat with suppressed flame flare-ups allows backyard chefs the control to prepare menu options previously thought of as off the table.

When installed into a full kitchen, homeowners have plentiful drawer storage for utensils and seasoning. And a beverage center means no more messy ice or running inside for a cold one. And, this line can be cart-mounted and secured if the property has limited space that doesn’t lend itself to a full kitchen setup.

Consider for a moment how some of these high-end options translate to an upgraded lifestyle. With an infrared rotisserie, a property owner can serve succulent whole chickens, thick cuts of choice beef or roasts, veggies, pineapples, and kabobs, among many others. With matching stainless steel side burners, you can keep menu options warm, make rice, soups, or toast buns for classic hamburgers.

The possibilities are seemingly endless, and that’s precisely why it makes sense for contractors and homeowners to invest in the PGS Legacy Grill distributed by AEI Corp.

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