Outdoor Barbecue Grills Give Resorts, Timeshares & Extended-Stay Businesses Competitive Edge

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Working people deserve every moment of an extended vacation free of business calls and daily stress. That’s typically why getaways to remote resorts, timeshares, and extended-stay hotel settings have emerged as massive revenue drivers.

The hotel industry generated more than 218 billion in 2018 and consistently increases revenue by about 10 billion year-over-year. There are reportedly more than 5,000 resorts in North America alone, and more than 200 timeshare companies manage numerous properties. These highly sought-after vacation spots attract diverse, hard-working people from all walks of life. But the core reason this industry has exploded is largely due to the peaceful enjoyment of time and pleasurable amenities. Having a patio barbecue for guests ranks among the key differences people may select one vacation spot over another.

Niche Resorts, Timeshares, & Extended-Stay Businesses Must Compete

Because the hospitality industry remains one of the most competitive, resorts, extended-stay hotels, and timeshare outfits compete over patrons primarily based on location and amenities. For example, there are more than 800 ski resorts in the U.S. alone. Location and snow-related activities tend to be relatively similar.

Attracting customers who are willing to spend a little extra means delivering added value items such as community or personal outdoor barbecue grills. Installing permanent grills that can be conveniently accessed or part of a superior extended-stay experience sets hospitality businesses apart.

It’s essential for decision-makers in these industries to recognize that competition is not necessarily limited by the niche market or location. While it's generally true that someone may not consider a beach vacation when they prefer to go skiing, many properties provide similar experiences. When deciding whether to install a stainless steel natural gas grill as a value-added attraction, consider the implications across the hospitality sectors.

Timeshares, extended-stay hotels, and luxury resorts may all offer residential experiences such as bungalows, separate housing, or expansive apartment living with patios. To the average hospitality consumer, the label of timeshare, resort, or extended-stay usually takes a backseat to what amenities are being offered. Consider the quality amenities being offered across all three types of vacation experiences.

  • Outdoor Pools & Lounge Seating
  • Club Houses & Fitness Centers
  • Outdoor Food & Beverage Areas
  • Patio Seating and Common Areas

Vacationers increasingly seek out patios and community areas that include a stainless steel natural gas grill or propane grill. That’s mainly because the other amenities have become standard expectations and not “luxury” items. This is not to imply that significant differences do not exist between resorts, timeshares, and extended-stay facilities.

For example, resort and timeshare vacationers typically spend a week or two at the property. Resorts may include pre-paid breakfast and lunch, leaving guests to dine at the in-house restaurant or travel to town. Businesses that offer access to a patio barbecue grill allow guests to lower food costs and enjoy deliciously-cooked meals. Timeshares generally do not include meals, and that raises the need for extras such as an outdoor barbecue grill.

Extended-stay guests often seek out convenient amenities such as full kitchens, gyms, and permanent grills installed in common areas or their patio to make the experience feel like a home-away-from-home. These guests sometimes stay for weeks or months at a time.

One of the challenges hospitality business owners struggle with is distinguishing what working people want from the vacation. Do they want a commercialized tourist experience or relax as if they are immersed in a stress-free orbit? Keep in mind that many already enjoy a top-of-the-line stainless steel natural gas grill or propane barbecue at their home.

How To Select Permanent Grills For Resorts, Timeshares & Extended-Stay Properties

Regardless of the type of hospitality business, adding top-tier amenities distinguishes the vacation stay from competitors. Installing permanent grills increases property and business values while delivering improved customer satisfaction. And given that industry-wide revenue increases year-over-year, permanently installed outdoor barbecue grills can make a substantial bottom-line difference. That being said, decision-makers are tasked with selecting the best-suited natural gas or propane grill to meet guests’ needs. These are questions that may prove helpful in the decision-making process.

  • Would guest experience best be enhanced by individual patio grills or large units in common areas?
  • Do single units fit the aesthetic and luxury experience of individualized living spaces?
  • Does the facility have existing natural gas lines in place?
  • Would living areas be better served with a stainless steel natural gas grill or portable propane units?

Although hospitality managers and other decision-makers enjoy wide-reaching knowledge about how to best serve guests, choosing outdoor grills tends to be a relatively new item. A stainless steel natural gas grill is generally best employed in community gathering spaces where a fuel line can be easily accessed. Hotels and resorts usually install them directly into countertops and include drawers, side burners, and choose industry-leading grills with expansive cooking space, and warming racks, among other accessories. In timeshares and extended-stay facilities that leverage natural gas for heating and stoves, these may also make perfect sense.

When natural gas does not necessarily prove to be a cost-effective installation option, portable propane patio grills may suffice. In terms of commercial setting safety, pedestal stands and even carts with wheels can be fixed in place when needed. Another option that many resorts can take advantage of is the innovative outdoor grill kitchen islands. These sturdy, prefabricated units secure propane or natural gas grills in place and deliver cost-efficient countertop space.

Top Commercial Outdoor Barbecue Grills To Consider

Vacation and long-term stay businesses would likely be best served by selecting among the industry-leading commercial products available. PGS Grill lines such as the A-Series, T-Series, and Legacy grills remain go-to products for a wide range of organizations. All three series offer portable propane grills and built-in natural gas grills.

Modestly-sized commercial units such as the A-Series and T-Series can be mounted on pedestals or carts. They also offer significant direct grilling space, warming racks, and a top-tier cooking experience. The Legacy line typically makes the most sense for an expansive outdoor kitchen or a center island. But these large, high-BTU grills are widely used in residential settings as well. These are reasons why commercial property owners regard PGS Grills as the gold standard.

  • Grill Timer: PGS Grills include 60-minute shutoff timers to ensure safety and eliminate fuel waste.
  • Ceramic Grill Rocks: PGS Grills utilize specialized grill briquettes, called “Moon Roks”, which are designed to evenly distribute heat and minimize flare-ups.
  • Accessories: The PGS line offers innovative accessories that range from side shelves, drawers, and infrared rotisserie burners, among others.
  • Construction: PGS Grills are made with stainless steel and cast aluminum that exceeds industry standards.
  • Warranty: These commercial grills offer warranties and parts that ensure the hospitality business will not need to replace them.
  • Grill Replacement Parts: Grill owners have easy access to our grill replacement parts website, so you can keep your grills in top-notch condition.

Resorts, timeshares, and extended-stay business owners often find themselves looking for ways to attract guests willing to pay a premium. Accomplishing that requires amenities that others do not offer and personalizing the experience. Installing commercial PGS Grills on individual patios and full outdoor kitchens in common areas will set your destination apart.

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