Do Multi-Family Property Owners Need Outdoor Barbecue Grills To Compete For Good Tenants?

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Multi-family property owners would be wise to promptly add quality of life amenities to attract tenants, such as an outdoor propane grill because rental industry trends point to heightened competition.

Recently reported data indicates that multi-family housing starts achieved their highest points since the mid-1980s in recent years. In 2019, new multi-family builds crossed the 400,000 mark for the first time since 1987, and 2020 hit 390,000. Low-interest rates, a single-family housing shortage, and steadily rising wages created a perfect storm, and developers are poised to reap the benefits. But the same sustained apartment, condo, and multiplex growth create increased competition to draw the attention of top applicants and high earners. Expanding amenities ranks among the best way for an existing multi-family property owner to prosper.

What Do Renters Want From Apartments, Condos, and Multiplexes?

Newly-minted multifamily housing starts enjoy a blank slate and the opportunity to deliver precisely the amenities applicants desire. Savvy developers routinely lean on advanced analytics and polling data to position properties ahead of the class. Recent reports indicate the following rank among the top amenities that attract good-salaried rental applicants.

  • Pet Policy Flexibility
  • Secure Facilities
  • Reasonable Parking
  • Enhanced Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Perhaps the most cost-effective way for landlords to make the community living facility more attractive involves augmenting outdoor space experiences. A deftly positioned stainless steel propane grill allows people to grill meals outdoors, hold small get-togethers, and even personal family events such as birthday parties.

How Can Multi-Family Facilities Integrate An Outdoor Propane Grill?

Like the outdoor barbecue grill industry, there is no one-size-fits-all way to improve common areas by installing liquid propane gas grills. The varying property layouts and living spaces tend to call for unique strategic approaches. These are ways landlords and property management organizations can approach gas grill upgrades.

  • Multi-Family Homes: Landlords who want to compete in markets that involve separate units or floors often have only modest outdoor space. Using mid-sized outdoor barbecue grills and pedestal stands can help reduce the amenity’s footprint.
  • Duplexes & Quadplexes: Renting to a small number of families on a property that has modest outdoor space opens the door to upgrades. It’s not uncommon for property owners to install outdoor propane grills as the centerpiece of an open-air kitchen. This amenity proves an absolute game-changer.
  • Large Apartment Complexes: It’s not unusual for landlords or property management professionals to initially see challenges. The idea of one outdoor grill or kitchen installation servicing a substantial number of families sometimes seems untenable. But one solution that gained traction in recent years is leveraging outdoor grill island options. These designs eliminate the cost of major construction and can be set up by handy maintenance workers in several locations.

It’s also worth considering including a fixed individual outdoor propane grill on the patios of high-end condos and other community living facilities. Movable carts can be secured in place and house a liquid propane tank in the base. The same holds true for space-efficient pedestal stands. Industry-leading PGS Grills also provide the option of tying into existing natural gas lines if available. Going this route offers select renters an individualized upgrade they will cherish and takes the fuel cost off the property owner's shoulders.

What Is The Best Outdoor Propane Grill To Enhance Multifamily Communities?

There may be no one-size-fits-all outdoor propane grill to serve the needs of multi-family property owners. That’s why gold standard PGS commercial outdoor barbecue grills such as the T-Series enjoy upwards of five flexible models. The T-Series emerged as a go-to commercial product for wide-reaching reasons. These commercial grills can be grouped into two classes that offer distinct benefits. Consider what each delivers and how a unit could help attract top renters willing to pay premium rates.

Modestly-Sized T30 & T40 PGS Grills Deliver Big Flexibility

The T-Series line includes the T30 and T40 grill models that are built from cast aluminum. These commercially-tested outdoor barbecue grills include options that can leverage liquid propane or natural gas. The T30 provides up to 30,000 BTUs and 336 square inches of cooking space. The T40 builds on those stats by offering up to 40,000 BTUs, and 434 square inches of direct cooking area.

Both provide stainless steel cooking grids and can be utilized in a variety of space-efficient fashions. Property managers can install them as fixed units on individual patios and outfit them with stainless steel side shelves. In common areas frequently found in duplexes and other multi-family homes, this class of T-Series grills can be mounted on pedestal stands or inserted into outdoor countertops.

Larger T-Series Models Deliver Huge Quality Of Life Benefits

PGS Grills also include three distinct larger T-Series models that offer expansive cooking space and deliver valuable outdoor experiences. The S27, S36, and S48 models are constructed with industry-leading stainless steel. Their high-quality stainless sheen typically convinces potential applicants that the multifamily community spares no expense in terms of quality of life amenities. Truth be told, investing in large T-Series PGS grills allows ownership to increase rental fees, improves property values, and often reduces tax liability. Definable attributes of the S27, S36, and S48 include the following.

  • Anti-theft knobs
  • Battery-powered matchless ignition
  • Range from 45,000 to 90,000 BTUs, depending on the model
  • Range from 504 to 900 square inches of direct cooking space
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grids
  • 60-Minute Shutoff Timers
  • Optional warming rack for indirect cooking

Commercial PGS T-Series grills also make enviable centerpieces in complete outdoor kitchens. It’s not uncommon for multifamily spaces to utilize them in the largest gathering area. Because they can be accessorized with side burners, drawer space, beverage centers, and others, these larger stainless steel grills prove invaluably flexible.

But the trend to lower business costs prompted the strategic design of an outdoor grill island that allows decision-makers to sprinkle their investment across multiple community spaces. The Modano series island ranks among the most cost-effective ways to install T-Series grills without incurring unnecessary contractor costs.

How To Choose T-Series Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Decision-makers face certain and rising competition for good tenants as the multifamily housing construction sector adds units to the market. Property owners might want to consider it a buyer’s market that calls for property enhancements to garner the best offers or rental premiums in this case. Choosing the best T-Series grill to meet your needs involves identifying what current tenants want and meeting those wishes across the board.

Large T-Series grills make wonderful outdoor kitchen centerpieces when accessorized. Leveraging an outdoor grill island helps sidestep contractors and outfit multiple spaces cost-effectively. The modestly sized T-Series delivers tremendous quality of life benefits on individual patios and a nice touch in yards of multifamily houses. Other considerations include pedestal mounts to maximize the usable footprint, moveable carts, and countertop installations.

Ask yourself which strategy makes good budgetary sense and maximizes your long-term return on investment. Keep in mind that natural gas lines can be accessed only when an outdoor barbecue grill has been fixed in place. Each cart mounting option generally works with refillable propane tanks.

Commercial PGS Grills are designed to handle severe weather and the regular use anticipated in multi-family settings. These industry-leading grills enjoy substantial warranties, and OEM grill replacement parts can be easily ordered online in the event of unanticipated damage occurs or something eventually wears out after many years of continued use.

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