Pairing Patio Grills & Outdoor Heaters Maximizes Labor Day Cookout Enjoyment

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Patio grills and heaters for apartments are an integral part of people maximizing their Labor Day Weekend enjoyment. Considered a day to celebrate the economic achievements of everyday people, it’s also viewed as a turning point from summer fun to getting back to school and work. In many ways, Labor Day is the last major holiday to BBQ on patios and common areas before Thanksgiving.

That being said, singles, couples, and families living in multi-living settings such as condos, senior communities, and apartments typically find the days are cut short by early autumn chills in the evening. Along with high-quality grills for apartments, property owners and management firms are also tasked with getting infrared patio heaters in order. Community living landscapes that do not update or install patio heaters and BBQ grills will likely find residents are less-than-pleased by their Labor Day Weekend experience. But by updating or investing in patio heaters and outdoor grills, community members gain a memorable experience they’ll appreciate.

Popular Labor Day Foods Prepared on Natural Gas/Liquid Propane Patio Grills

Upwards of 61 percent of Americans celebrate Labor Day by preparing food on patio grills. More than half of them plan to gather as a family in what many consider an end to the leisurely days of summer. These rank among the tasty cookout choices Americans prepare on patio grills.

  • Cowboy Steak: Also known as the “Tomahawk Steak,” this extra-thick cut of bone-in ribeye ranks among the best grilling options. Once the bone is cleaned back, it delivers an awe-inspiring presentation only rivaled by its locked-in grilled flavor.
  • Delicious Brats: An increased number of grilling enthusiasts are replacing the traditional hot dog with bratwurst. These sausages remain plump and juicy when skillfully grilled on outdoor BBQ grills. Often served with sautéed onions and a potato salad on the side, brats are a welcome Labor Day asset.
  • Grilled Eggplant: Properly sliced and deftly grilled eggplant is generally a family favorite during the last big summer get-together. If you haven’t integrated grilled eggplant into your outdoor BBQ menu, Labor Day presents an opportunity.
  • Grilled Okra: A Southern tradition, okra is one of the most straightforward veggies to prepare on outdoor patio grills. When crisped over an open flame, it takes on a tantalizing smoky flavor. The trick is grilling okra on a BBQ grill that generates even and consistent heat.
  • Turkey Burgers: As more Americans watch their cholesterol levels, turkey is quickly replacing beef burgers. Lower in saturated fat, turkey burgers can be seasoned to mimic traditional hamburgers. Add grilled onions, a toasted bun and you’ll wow guests with a healthy protein option.

These are just a few choices popularized on patio grills during Labor Day Weekend. When grills for apartments are upgraded with built-in options such as side burners and infrared rotisserie grills, opportunities to try new and exciting foods only grow. But the linchpin is having industry-leading patio grills in communal spaces.

Top Commercial Patio Grills for Apartments & Condos

The importance of providing condo and apartment residents with superior patio grills cannot be understated. Cheaply manufactured models usually create uneven heat distribution that results in flame-ups that burn food exteriors while leaving them raw inside. Truth be told, inexpensive products sold at big box stores typically call for early replacement, making them a money pit. By contrast, industry-leading PGS commercial patio grills deliver the quality experience residents desire. These are things for property owners and management firms to consider about upgrading grills for apartments, condos, and senior living communities.

PGS T-Series Grills

The patio grills in the PGS T-Series line remain a preferred choice among multi-family property owners. Depending on the model, T-Series grills are either made from hard, cast-aluminum or stainless steel. Adaptable as natural gas/liquid propane outdoor BBQs, they can be mounted on slim pedestals to minimize their footprint, installed in countertops, or placed in a prefabricated grill island. This type of flexibility, and a reputation for consistent heat distribution, make T-Series grills excellent for Labor Day and other gatherings. These are some of the reasons T-Series patio grills keep trending.

  • Fuel Source: As grills for apartments, they can utilize liquid propane when mounted in mobile carts. T-Series grills can also be tied to a natural gas line when secured in place.
  • Grilling Capacity: Evenly distributed heat ranges from 30,000 to 90,000 BTUs and 330 to 960 square inches of direct grilling area, depending on the model.
  • Safety Features: These patio grills have matchless ignition and 60-minute fuel shutoff timers. Some models feature anti-theft knobs, laser-etched user instructions, and a side-mounted heat indicator.
  • Accessories: The T-Series line enjoys wide-reaching value-added opportunities. Models can be accessorized with stainless steel shelves, side burners, warming racks, self-cleaning grates, and an infrared rotisserie, among others.

What distinguishes this line of commercial-grade patio grills from many others is its durability and commitment to quality. The makers of these Made in USA grills provide extensive warranties to ensure it’s the last one you’ll ever purchase. In terms of maximizing their late-evening usage during Labor Day Weekend, patio heaters may be necessary.

Top Commercial Patio Heaters for Apartments & Condos

Multi-family property owners have an opportunity to cost-effectively upgrade patios and common areas throughout their grounds. Along with PGS Grills, AEI Corporation offers a top-tier line of patio heaters. Powered by liquid propane, natural gas, or a designated electric line, these infrared heaters for apartments deliver the warming comfort required to extend Labor Day barbecues into the late evening.

Are Patio Heaters Necessary During Labor Day Weekend?

People living in areas that experience significantly cold weather are usually affected around Labor Day. That’s when days start out cool, warm throughout the afternoon, and community members need a sweater or hoodie in the evening. It’s not uncommon for regions to experience a 15-degree drop in temperature from mid-afternoon into the evening. These chilling conditions can put a damper on Labor Day cookouts unless property owners and managers have infrared patio heaters in place.

Patio Comfort Heaters

Like other infrared models, this line of classic mushroom heaters does not expose residents to open flames. They create a circular throw radius in which objects and people enjoy warmth. The Patio Comfort line offers apartments and condos stylish finishes, including stainless steel, bronze, jet-silver, and a vintage option. They can be fueled by a liquid propane tank housed in the base or connected to an existing natural gas line when fixed in place.

Infratech Heaters

One of the perks of opting for this wall- or ceiling-mounted commercial radiant heater is the ability to connect with existing electricity. Rather than refill liquid propane tanks or install a natural gas line, a certified contractor can run a power line. Infratech heaters can then be operated with a convenient wall panel with a shutoff timer.

Sunglo Heaters

Building on the iconic mushroom head heater, Sunglo offers attractive stainless steel and black finishes. These portable liquid propane patio heaters can be repositioned as needed. That makes them a valued option for keeping residents and guests comfortable when outdoor seating needs rearranging.

Sunpak Heaters

The Sunpack heater line are box heaters that provide unique installation opportunities for semi-enclosed areas. They can be affixed to walls, overhangs, and ceilings of open-air spaces. Generating between 25,000 and 34,000 BTUs of radiant heat, they can be conveniently controlled.

Sunstar Heaters

This outdoor infrared heater line utilizes next-generation technology to deliver wide-reaching benefits. They are mounted on secure walls, poles, ceilings, or overhangs. Sunstar heaters have wireless remote controls, angle adjustment options, and the ability to run off liquid propane or natural gas.

Patio Grills and Heaters for Apartments & Condos

‌It’s essential to provide multi-family residents with the amenities they desire. Heading into Labor Day and the cool autumn season, coupling patio heaters and grills for apartments creates a quality-of-life experience that doesn’t set with the sun or season. AEI offers cost-effective and reliable patio grills and outdoor heaters that will last through all seasons.

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