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When summertime begins its approach, people start getting anxious for the days of spending more time outdoors comfortably. This leads many of us to misjudge the weather and end up being a bit colder than we’d like- and it happens on both the spring and fall-time sides of the season. However, there is a way to mitigate this problem and successfully extend the times of the year when it’s nice to be on the patio – natural gas patio heaters. Natural gas patio heaters produce safe infrared heat to keep you and your guests warm while enjoying your outdoor patio area. You can combine one with an AEI natural gas or propane grill to make the most of the season. But for now, we’re just going to talk about the features and the benefits of a high-quality outdoor space heater from AEI.

Advantages of a Natural Gas Outdoor Space Heater

You have a lot of options when it comes to staying warm and cozy on your patio. These include bundling up, building a fire, or using an electric space heater. However, outside infrared heaters powered by natural gas remain the optimal solution for many use cases, including:

Institutional Use

Natural gas infrared heaters are perfect for residential and commercial hospitality settings. With their tremendous ease of use, powerful settings, and the ability to stay well out of the way of traffic, they are ideal for large, public settings. If you run or own a commercial property in the hospitality industry you could benefit from installing heaters for the same reasons, to keep your guests and patrons warm, comfortable, and safe with no downside.

Expand Your Living Space

Staying warm and comfortable on your home patio is easy and convenient with an overhead natural gas heater. Simply switch it on, wait a few moments for the heat to fill the space, and enjoy. There is no better way to expand your comfort zone than with a natural gas-powered outdoor space heater.

Great Versatility

Every home owner's patio will vary in size and layout, as well as the number of family members to consider. Outdoor space heaters powered by natural gas can be suspended overhead under permanent outdoor structures like gazebos or can be installed on the floor on top of a pole. Simply switch it on and move about as you like with no worries about sacrificing floor space.

Useful Day or Night

Keep warm outside at night or any time it’s cold, while you: enjoy a book, drink coffee, eat, grill/cook a meal, talk with friends or family, or participate in an outdoor activity. Lighting a fire for heat in the daytime can seem like a waste of energy. But an infrared outdoor space heater makes perfect sense any time.


Many restaurants have proven the value of these devices by using them on patios. These businesses have a lot to gain by installing heaters on their patios to keep their guests warm while eating outdoors. Likewise, hotels, apartments, and condo associations benefit greatly by supplying suspended heaters at common outdoor areas like poolsides, community centers, grill areas, and valet waiting areas.

What Makes Natural Gas Heater Technology Unique?

There are many practical ways to stay warm on the patio year-round. But only natural gas-powered infrared space heaters provide instant heat at the touch of a button and a fraction of the usual price. But the benefits don’t stop there. Let’s get into what makes these superb heaters ideal for use in your patio space.

All NG heaters produce infrared heat

Infrared heat works instantly, warming every surface in the area with safe IR light, removing the need to wait for the warmth to fill the air. Any outdoor patio heater worth its salt will produce infrared heat. IR heats surfaces directly. It is a low-frequency wavelength of light that is gentle, yet effective- giving you the feeling of being warmed by the sun.

Natural Gas is Readily Available in Most Areas

The main benefit of natural gas heaters is that the fuel is piped directly into your unit. This means you can turn on the heater instantly and you never have to swap out a fuel tank. NG is inexpensive, powerful, safe, just like electricity and liquid propane. Natural gas, like propane, is a cost-effective resource that burns cleanly and delivers ample power.

Versatile in Shape & Size

Natural gas heaters can be box-shaped or mushroom-shaped to accommodate the space you have available. Regardless of the shape you choose, they can be mounted in several ways. Mount yours overhead for optimal use of floor space, or install a box-shaped model to accommodate a long space, a hall, or to push heat in a given direction. Mounting options include:

Advanced Control Features

Depending on which of our brands of heaters you choose, there are a variety of control options available. From simple on/off switches, to variable dials, to complex control systems. You can decide what level of control you’ll have over your heater or heaters. Whatever heater control features you select, your natural gas heater will generate safe and powerful infrared heat almost instantaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does infrared light heat an outdoor space?

IR rays are part of the light that comes from the sun, but it is outside the visible spectrum. The infrared rays heat any surfaces they touch, warming people in the same way everyday sunlight does, quite naturally.

Is an infrared heater expensive to run?

Powered by cost-effective natural gas, infrared heating units can easily produce heat. Compared to devices that use NG to produce flame, IR light is even less expensive to generate.

Is infrared heat safe?

Infrared heaters have been around for a long time now and have been popular for at least two decades. In that time, infrared has been used therapeutically to reduce pain and promote circulation. The infrared part of the light spectrum does not cause cancer. It is ultraviolet light that is associated with skin cancer. The two types of light have entirely different frequencies. The heat from these devices can become intense near the source and caution is required, but IR heat is no more dangerous than an open flame in that regard.

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