Modern Heaters and Grills Bring Back Ancient Traditions of Halloween Parties

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The Halloween tradition of adorning masks and holding theme parties dates back more than 2,000 years to the ancient Celts. They stoked massive bonfires to fend off the cold, fashioned wonderous masks and feasted together in what is now the U.K. and northern France. Over the centuries, the Romans took hold of the area, and their festivals honoring the dead and goddess of food were incorporated. In 609 A.D., Pope Boniface IV extended the festivities to Nov. 1, adding on All Saints Day, which was also highlighted by warming bonfires and delicious food.

Although Halloween has evolved to a night of trick-or-treating and a weekend or two of themed parties with food and drink, the two things that have never changed are staying warm in the mid-fall weather and eating well. In the spirit of keeping the tradition alive, Halloween lovers would be wise to invest in residential infrared heaters and a high-quality stainless steel outdoor barbecue grill. Just as the ancient Celts, Romans, and Pope declared, Halloween and All Saints Day should be celebrated under the moonlit sky, and your party guests deserve to be comfortably warm and well-fed.

Treat Guests to an Outdoor Halloween Party

Hosting an outstanding Halloween party doesn’t require the scary planning of a family reunion, or graduation celebration. That’s because this mid-fall tradition is all about lighthearted fun, and guests will be in high spirits when they arrive. You might want to put together a Facebook event page with the spooky details. Such gatherings call for a costume theme, and these rank among the more popular.

  • Historical People
  • Wild West
  • Scary Movie Characters
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Speakeasy
  • Star Trek vs Star Wars
  • Superheroes vs Villains

The fact that people come dressed to the teeth gives the party plenty of flare. You can double-down on the theme of choice by decorating your outdoor patio, deck, or veranda with spider webs, fiery Jack-o-lanterns, and withered corn stalks while streaming theme music. Keep in mind that the music doesn’t necessarily have to fit the theme as long as it adds to the fun.

Whatever theme you select for your Halloween bash, it’s essential that your party-goers are comfortable on your backyard deck, patio, or veranda. If you don’t already have a quality outdoor heating system in place, you can rent patio heaters for your parties. That is, until you push back on the chilling reality that the killing frosts of fall are bewitching your enjoyment of these outdoor spaces. It’s also in the best interest of your Halloween costume party success to have a high-quality outdoor grill to prepare devilishly delicious Halloween treats.

Use Residential Infrared Heaters for Your Monster Mash Bash

Bobby “Boris” Pickett recorded the “Monster Mash” song back in 1962, and it has become part of the tradition ever since. It’s interesting how such novelties become part of Halloween. But one of the bedrocks of the ancient Celts’ celebration was keeping warm. The ghoulish get-togethers have always been in mid-fall when the temperatures start to dip near freezing. It’s safe to say that most homeowners won’t have the luxury of a massive bonfire to warm more than a dozen revelers, so you’ll need some type of outdoor heating system.

While it’s true that you can rent patio heaters for parties, that strategy tends to limit you to enjoying the gorgeous fall and even early winter nights only when you have rental units onsite. If you would like to be able to host impromptu get-togethers or just sit out and admire the harvest moon in complete comfort, investing in a robust heating system is well worth your while. These are three cost-effective ways you can utilize residential infrared heaters to keep Halloween party guests comfortable and extend the season.

  • Mushroom Heater: This iconic style of heater is by far the most commonly used to extend the season and deliver warming comfort to outdoor theme-party guests. Top-tier products such as the Patio Comfort heaters allow homeowners to deftly position units to accommodate diverse groups of people. Their mobility and easily changeable LP gas tank in the base add to their popular use. They can line the outside of a makeshift dance floor or be positioned to cast an even infrared glow across the entire patio, deck, or veranda.
  • Overhead Natural Gas Heater: These permanently fixed mushroom or box type heaters are hung overhead and are seamlessly tied into existing natural gas lines. They are perfect for verandas and warm people and objects in their infrared throw range. Products such as the Sunpak have emerged as industry leaders because they deliver maximum comfort, energy-efficiency, and safety.
  • Infrared Electric Heaters: This class of outdoor heater is trending. They can easily be installed to a home’s existing electrical supply. Convenient temperature controls and shut-off timers make them better than a trick-or-treat bag filled with your favorite candy. The energy-efficient Infratech heaters units can be mounted overhead, on existing walls/posts, and the flameless infrared elements allow the to be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Although industry-leading AEI products rank among the safest, it’s always a good practice to hang Halloween decorations away from heating units. A smart use of residential infrared heaters will deliver the outdoor comfort you need to pull off the best costume party of the year. And while everyone is enjoying infrared comfort, you can stoke up your stainless steel outdoor grill.

Treat Your Halloween Revelers to Succulent Outdoor Grill Delights

From the Celts to Romans to Modern Day backyard grill masters, the robust flavor of choice cuts of meats, poultry, and vegetables, remains the second pillar of a traditional Halloween gathering. A high-quality liquid propane grill that can be deftly accessorized to give Halloween party hosts the ability to deliver the ancient custom of outdoor cooked delights. Consider putting together a menu that mirrors the foods early Halloween festival-goers enjoyed.

  • Steaks and Other Choice Beef Cuts
  • Mutton (Lamb)
  • Seasoned Pork Ribs
  • Corn on the Cobb
  • Grilled Veggies
  • Rotisserie Cooked Chickens
  • Meat and Veggie Shish Kabobs

It may seem counterintuitive, but the Celts and Romans enjoyed the locked-in flavor delivered by preparing their foods on open flames. Indoor kitchens generally cannot emulate the enriched taste. But by utilizing options such as a stainless steel outdoor grill with rotisserie burner, side burners, side shelves, and grill briquettes that reduce flare-ups, you can bring back and improve upon the ancient tradition of succulently grilled foods.

Grilling burgers, hot dogs, and sausage is a wonderful way to infuse our contemporary spin on fire-cooked beef and Haggis. Grill briquettes such as the advanced Moon Rok brands allow party hosts to prepare delicate items such as veggies more evenly. The first Halloween partiers had great food, but they lacked the heat control of a stainless steel outdoor grill. The large open fires did allow them to feed large numbers of festival-goers, and the only way to match that ability is to outfit your outdoor grill with warming racks, side burners, and other accessories.

Although many choice cuts of beef and mutton can be grilled to perfection on a top-tier PGS model, accessorizing a grill with rotisserie burner allows you to prepare thick cuts of meat and whole chickens just like the ancients. Add that caveat to your Halloween event page, and you’ll raise some eyebrows.

Once removed from the spit, thick cuts of beef, mutton, shish kabobs, and other perfectly prepared menu options can be set out like the ancient Halloween feasts. Carrying on the time-honored tradition of the outdoor Halloween festival requires costumed guests, a few decorations, an AEI infrared patio heating system, and a smartly accessorized PGS outdoor grill.

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