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Every backyard patio hopes to be turned into a barbecue patio. The addition of a grill outside fills the air with the savory smells of steaks, burgers, and vegetables. Taking the cooking outside to the patio keeps the kitchen clean and at a comfortable temperature even during the hottest summer days. The process of gathering around the grill to cook is a relaxing experience. But the absolute best reason to barbecue on the patio is for the incredible flavors grilling brings out in all the foods that end up on your plate.

How do you get your patio ready to be a barbecue star? It all starts with the grill. The grill you're using right now might be old and rusted or have a burner that never fires. Maybe you're still cooking over hot coals and spending all that time and energy tending them. The fastest way to get to better grilling is to install a brand new propane or natural gas barbecue grill. The PGS inventory of grills includes stainless steel and cast aluminum models that have been designed to last and perform.

PGS makes natural gas and propane BBQs which have stainless steel parts and are built to last. The aluminum residential grills belong to the A-Series, while Legacy grills are residential models made completely from stainless steel.

PGS grills make it easy to set up a first-rate outdoor kitchen on a patio. The first choice to make is whether to select a propane bbq or one that attaches to a natural gas line. From there, it is all about the accessories. PGS offers options for stainless steel side shelves to hold everything from platters to tools to seasonings. Side burner options give outdoor chefs a place to simmer delicious sauces or hold already cooked foods at a warm temperature. The best grilled whole chickens are made on PGS grills with infrared rotisserie burners that allow the meat to turn on a spit over the heat. Storage drawer options give the patio chef a place to store and organize all of the tools of the trade. And the patio barbecue goes to another level with add-on beverage centers and patio heaters that make grilling and chilling a real event.

Community Grilling

Sometimes grill masters work their magic in a shared community space. Apartments, condominiums, and vacation communities may outfit common area patios with one or more grilling stations. These community patios are best served with propane or natural gas grills, which eliminates the messiness and unpredictability of charcoal grill fires and cleaning up after them. PGS manufactures the T-Series line of grills just for multi-family situations. These commercial outdoor barbecue grills have two additional features for common areas. They are built with an automatic shut-off timer which eliminates the problem of chefs forgetting to turn off the gas to the grill. The knobs on T-series grills are also designed to be theft-proof. Apartment managers don't have to worry about waking up to a grill that has been left on and the gas leaked out or a grill that has been stripped of its knobs. T-Series grills are built to stand up to frequent use and are available on wheeled carts so they can be moved around to suit the space and the situation. PGS grills will make patio barbecuing such a delicious pleasure. Residents may ask for multiple grilling stations featuring PGS grills.

Cooking Perfection

PGS products turn an ordinary grilling patio into a place where friends and family can experience cooking perfection. A high-quality grill makes it easy to sear kabobs, add grill marks to hot dogs, or saute summer's bumper crop of fruits and vegetables. The meals smell so good while they are being prepared and taste even better when they're finished. Suddenly, the outdoor patio is the place to be whenever it's time to eat. Guests will feel welcome in an outdoor space with a high-quality grill as its centerpiece and practical, functional accessories that make grilling a breeze. It's a relaxed environment because the chef is confident in the equipment. Great memories and meals will be made while spending hours gathered on the patio around the grill.

Some grill masters will be so inspired by their grilling products they will want to build an outdoor kitchen that is even more of a showplace. Maybe the design will include a built-in barbecue grill by PGS flanked by other high-end outdoor appliances. Built-in grills, refrigerators, countertops, and more make it easier than ever to make meals in an outdoor kitchen.

Built to Last

PGS grills are built to last. No worrying about whether or not the ignition will start or if all of the burners will be hot. These grills are manufactured with care to be the best grills possible. That makes it easy to relax when the entire block is coming over for burgers. The PGS grill won't let you down.

One thoughtful design element in a PGS grill is that the starting instructions are laser-etched right onto the grill. You can't lose a sheet of instructions or worry that they will be obstructed by the elements. That is a great feature for individual backyard chefs, but it is a perfect touch for grills in community spaces that are operated by many different people.

If you're still battling with your old charcoal grill and hoping for an evenly cooked grill meal or you'd love to cook on a shiny stainless steel bbq instead of a weathered piece of metal, it's time to invest in a PGS grill. You'll appreciate how good your grill looks and how wonderful the meals that you prepare on it. PGS models are either liquid propane BBQs or natural gas BBQs hooked up to a natural gas line installed by a qualified contractor. They can be mounted in a variety of ways like stationary posts or propane models can be mobile on carts for flexibility. Or they can be incorporated right into a built-in outdoor countertop. They'll ignite every time and you'll never need a disposable lighter. You'll want to invite everyone over once you are cooking and relaxing with an exceptional PGS grill.

Whether you choose stainless steel or cast aluminum, if the grill is PGS, you know you've chosen the best. Your meals will taste better than anything you've made before and the accessories give you complete control over your cooking space. Need to keep the barbecue sauce warm? Add the side burner. Have a huge collection of spatulas and tongs? Add a storage drawer. Want to slice and dice the side dishes while the main dish is cooking? Add a stainless steel shelf. It's your outdoor kitchen and you can outfit it your way so that your meals are enjoyed by all.

Whether you're a solo chef with a backyard patio or a complex manager designing facilities for dozens of residents, there is a PGS outdoor barbecue grill that is up to the challenge. Go ahead and make your patio really happy. Outfit it with a grill you can all be proud of.

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